The Gateway Crime

You all heard about the fourth grader from P.S. 158 in Manhattan who got suspended for sticking a “kick me” sign on another student’s back because it’s a form of bullying that could lead to some form of harm or injury. Enter Barbara Coloroso who just happens to be an anti-bullying expert actually disagrees with this extreme punishment but offers an alternative approach. Says she, “I would go up to the kid and say ‘No more, not here, never. That was mean and cruel and this is a safe harbor for every kid. I want you to take that sticker off that kid right now’”. Yeah, that’ll work for a kid with a predisposition to be a complete A-hole, usually the result of having A-holes for parents. I have a better idea. Rather than continue to raise a generation of crybaby kids, who also shouldn’t know what losing in a game is all about, and ultimately end up with a sense of entitlement, let the “victim” just haul off and wallop the bully and send his ass flying and see how much longer he keeps that crap up. Let them duke it out in the school yard, just like the old days. Let the parents get involved again and teach the kids what’s right and what’s wrong. Sticky notes, bah! That’s kid stuff. How about writing something directly on the back of someone’s shirt? They say you should be wary of the quiet ones. That happened to me only once. They left me alone after that; it was the element of surprise that threw them for a loop.

Let’s just hope that the “kick me” sign doesn’t involve into the “shoot me” sign on Dallas, Texas campuses. There’s a bill about to be passed to allow college students and professors to carry concealed guns on campus to protect themselves in the event of a school shooting. Hmm, wait til that first “F” gets handed out, or a professor has an especially disruptive student–probably sticking a ‘kick me’ sign on someone’s back.

In the meantime, the necessary electric outlet was put in yesterday and later on today I’ll be calling to arrange for what will hopefully be THE last inspection. We have the application for the CO all filled out and a blank check (still another fee… what the Hell?) and when we get the go-ahead…wahoooo!

On this day in 2006, Apple’s iTunes store sold it’s 1 billionth song. It might have been the one I couldn’t download, along with the billionth and 1st, 2nd, and 13th songs. Every time I try to download music from iTunes, it either doesn’t accept my password, (which I end up changing every time because I end up having to reregister) or only one of a few songs download and I have to write and complain only to have them tell me to remove the program and reinstall it and that’s why I have such an extensive CD collection.

Of course, after this tax season and Uncle Sam gets all he wants from yours truly, (some combination of these numbers 0097611-there’s a decimal and a comma in there somewhere–I’m still reeling) I won’t be able to afford to sing to myself  let alone buy music.


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