There Will Be Heroes

There is something to be said for consistency. Susan Guy, Domino’s Pizza delivery person came to the rescue of her 82 year old steady customer Jean Wilson who has been ordering her thin crust pepperoni pie with two diet Cokes every day for the last three years. But for some reason, the octogenarian didn’t call on Saturday, Sunday or Monday and rather just assume she all of a sudden switched her taste to Moo Goo Gai Pan, Susan Guy’s instincts told her something was wrong and she insisted on finding out for herself. She went to the woman’s home, knocked on all the windows, trying to see what was going on and called 911. The customer had fallen, and couldn’t get up or get to a phone. She is in stable non-critical condition.

Imagine if I didn’t find something to complain about every day? You might think there was something wrong. Nah, you’d probably just figure I was sleeping. Even that–sleeping–lately I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and then feeling like I didn’t sleep when my alarm goes off. 

Or this? What a great idea, we thought, maybe we’ll finally inaugurate the fire pit on Friday after a long work week. Well…

   Mind you, the rain is after a bout that is supposed to start sometime this afternoon and the windy icons, though it doesn’t say on the picture, I heard on the weather this morning it could be gusts of up to 50 mph. So, now, the same scurge we carry when we go camping, with rain every weekend we go, we bring wind to just sitting and relaxing by our firepit.  …Oh, right…sorry, heroes….

Baseball’s Texas Ranger Michael Young is 3-year-old Gavin Justice-Farmer’s hero. Gavin learned that his hero was being traded and it broke the three year old’s heart. So much so that when his mother, who broke the news to him, posted the video of his reaction on YouTube, it inspired the third baseman to meet with his young fan. Perhaps it is Gavin Farmer who is Michael Young’s hero, if not the hero of thousands and thousands of baseball fans all over because of his innocence and unbiased love of the game.

The ghost of Commander came to me last night–I think he’s itching, even from beyond the grave to commentate on American Idol (I’d like to see how he does that!)–and he was perplexed by how some of the contestants for the Beatles’ round last night didn’t even know who the Beatles are. It struck him as odd how these Idol hopefuls, looking to break into the music business, have no clue of musical history.

But on a positive note, Naima Adedapo the first auditioner I really liked this season was the first one to make it to the top 24. And I don’t understand; I read that the top 24 was going to consist of the best singers, not necessarily evenly divided into 12 guys and 12 girls, but that’s what Ryan Seacrest said last night.

So, let’s see what happens. And maybe we’ll be hearing from the ghost of Commander in the near future. Stay tuned and find out. I’m kind of curious myself.

And before I close, keep your fingers crossed. Today the electrical inspector is coming back.


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