I Now Pronounce You

This past weekend we went to Watkins Glen, NY, up on Seneca Lake, part of the Finger Lakes–I think we were on the middle one–for Ronny and Jamie’s wedding, co-workers of ours. We went up with Patty and Jim who are the third third of our ‘let’s go do something fun in the city’ sixsome. Patty also used to work with Ariel and Ronny. And Jim heads up that children’s organization I direct you to from time to time.

We arrived about an hour and half before the ceremony, which was quick. The entire march down the aisle, the ceremony and the married couple retreating took less than ten minutes; we actually waited in the chapel longer than the ceremony took. Then came the cocktail hour where we mingled mostly with fellow co-workers (about 30) who had been invited and their respective others. Dinner was then served; I had the Chicken Wellington that absolutely melted in my mouth and I sampled a piece of the Filet Mignon which likewise was like butter. And kudos to Jamie, she got me out on the dancefloor…TWICE! Well, who can say no to a bride on her wedding day?

We brought the camera, or so we thought–we each had it in our hands here at the house before we left, but when I went to take some pictures of the room and the beautiful scenery outside our window, all we had was our phones. Turns out the camera was in a bag we left in the truck that we found on the way home on Sunday, thankfully. I posted these same pictures on Facebook, so some of you might have already seen them. For those of you not on Facebook, here they are! Do not attempt to adjust your eyes. Some of the pics are kind of unsharp.


The first thing I saw when we got into our room was the fancy toilet paper fan. I tore it off and set it aside to bring home to study so I could wow any future houseguests, but alas, I left it behind. The beds, of course…and we had turndown service which came as a surprise when we crawled back into the room after the after party down in the hotel’s lounge! Part of the view outside our room.


More of the view from our room including the Seneca Legacy (the boat). The Bride and Groom. The picture isn’t fuzzy; they really looked like that. or at least that’s how they looked to me by the time they came into the reception. And the next morning  out our window before we went down for the buffet breakfast.

Speaking of pictures, check this one out. I realize it’s only Tuesday and it is always subject to change, but this is how the coming weekend looks for our planned outing, which I’ll get into next time; an outing we’ve been anticipating since before Christmas.


Oh! And speaking of and rain, today is the day the phone line opens to make our camping reservations. Yes, that’s right, phone line. It’s one man, with one phone and a reservation book. We have our dates all picked out and we know the site we want; the same one we always try for–it’s really the easiest, we know where everything fits and we also have room or more tents in the event we bring more people with us. Calling started at 6 this morning and with any luck, by the time this post gets published, I will have gotten through. There have been times when it has taken several hours, all day, actually and in fact that time I ended up calling the next day and was lucky to get our spot and weekends. And then one year it took me 20 minutes. So, let’s see how today goes.

Oh my goodness, I have stuff to tell you, but it will all have to wait. I’ll get to it all; my new “toy”, a friend’s book, this upcoming event I mentioned above and whatever else I can think of.  


One Response to “I Now Pronounce You”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I am on the edge of my seat to hear all the “news!” Do tell!

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