Let The Rains Begin

Yes, I made our camping reservations yesterday. I didn’t exactly start at six, mainly because the alarm didn’t go off, which could have been a completely different disaster, but I started closer to seven and finally got through a little after one in the afternoon. Got my site, got my dates and now we can be assured of at least 5 rainy weekends between May and September.

The other disaster that thankfully didn’t materialize when the alarm didn’t go off, which goes off at the ungodly hour of 4:45 (set for when we actually get up and walk those four miles in the morning, something that’s as foreign to us recently as…if I say Greek, would that be racist?) With 20 minutes before he needed to leave for an important breakfast meeting at work, Ariel bolted awake to a silent room waking me up in his panic. It really wouldn’t have been pretty had he been late and he got to the office in record time. What happened was, the day before, Monday, I guess, for some reason, out of nowhere, another radio station began to picket fence with the one we wake up to. I got up to make the adjustment and turned off the clock, turned it back on and off a few times to see if was fixed and must have left it off without realizing what I’d done and it was still off yesterday morning.

Oh, yeah, my new toy! I’m always looking for fun new apps to download on my Droid and recently I saw a Comcast/Xfinity commercial about their remote (via computer) DVR management feature was now available on Smartphones. So, I looked and found the app and downloaded it. Now I can control any one of my DVR boxes in my house using my phone! I went running around the house last night so I could determine which box had which numeral assignment through the app. It even shows the scheduled items content on each box. Weee, just what I need. A way to watch even more TV and with very little effort! Honestly though, it’s a mindboggling thing. This from Mr. I Never Want A Computer In My House. <insert smiley>

Everybody could use a helping hand nowadays and a writer friend of mine is no exception. Because of the economic downturn and the advent of electronic downloadable book services like Kindle and Nook, sales of his most recent novel have been modest, at best. Looking for another avenue to spread the word of “Myrtle Beach” I offered to mention it to you all in the hopes that A) you will read the attached article about the novel and B) it might intrigue you enough to want to buy a copy, not to mention to pass along this info to anyone who might enjoy this type of story. Click on the book cover to read the article and on Luther Knight’s behalf, thanks.

NOTE: If the link doesn’t open and you get an empty dialogue box, click okay to remove that box and refresh the page and it should open.


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