Samedi Gras

Mardi Gras is fast approaching and, no, we’re not trekking on down to the French Quarter, though that might be something to consider as one of things to do at least once in our lives. Although, I’ve never really had the desire to do New Year’s Eve in Times Square. That just seems too confining, not to mention, cold. I also have seeing a tornado first hand on that list of things I’d like to accomplish…from a safe distance, of course, and one that is tearing up a barren field and not someone’s home. There’s no fun in watching someone’s life be destroyed.

Oh, so, anyway, we’re going to a sort of Mardi Gras multi-event party this weekend. This is the upcoming event I mentioned earlier in the week. Oh, and there’s been a change in the weather, and as of this morning, here’s where we’re at. Can I get a ‘wear’ in there?  See how now they’ve added thunder to Sunday?

John and Gary are donning their black wings and going as angels–I guess that would be fallen angels–and we are going to wear our kilts, once again, along with some other accessories and going as devils. Hmm, fallen angels…devils….I sense a theme. Pure debauchery. Expect another “vanilla” family-friendly recap sometime next week, if there is anything left after I trim all the fat. But, there might be pictures.

To cap off our costumes, Ariel was on the hunt to find some devil masks, preferably made of leather and he found this website, Pilgrimage Design and got these fantastic masks. Jennifer Davis, the proprietress, made the black one special because this design comes only in red, and she embellished them with some shading.

So, last night was “girls night” on American Idol and we both have our picks of the top 5 girls and the top 5 boys from Tuesday night. We’re picking only 5 of each because apparently that’s what America is supposed to be doing and then the judges will be picking wild cards to add to that Top 10 list; I’m assuming to make 12, but who knows, really?

My top 5 boys are:               Ariel’s:

Jovany Barreto                    Jacob Lusk

James Durbin                     Casey Abrams

Scotty McCreery                 Paul McDonald

Stefano Langone                 Brett Lowenstern

Jacob Lusk                          Scotty McCreery

Top 5 girls:                          Ariel’s:

Naima Adedapo                 Naima Adedapo

Karen Rodriguez                Karen Rodriguez

Lauren Turner                    Lauren Turner

Thia Megia                         Thia Megia

Pia Toscano                        Pia Toscano

Let’s find out how close we come tonight. Gosh, this is so hard without Commander.


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