Let The Game Continue

The next phase of House Construction is scheduled to begin today. The first of three payments has changed hands, lumber and such is in the garage and the area is prepped; the bed is dismantled and leaning against the wall, the curtains are off the window and the TV and other furniture I don’t feel like moving are covered with tarps. This is the new walk-in closet project. Originally, the roof on the addition was supposed to be offset, leaving the bedroom window exposed, or at the very least, having to install a smaller window in its place, but the existing window was, for all intents and purposes, rendered useless. So, why not just take it out, move the radiator, throw up a door, some framing and sheetrock, a coat of paint and make that space a closet? And so, here is the beginning.


And my incantations apparently are not working. Still haven’t gotten notified about the CO. Possibly by tomorrow? But it can’t be much longer.

The seedlings I started a week ago have all popped. In my starter tray I have 3 kinds of tomatoes, red and yellow cherries, and beefsteaks and then some thyme. Those are the ones of all the seeds that needed to be started indoors. All the rest are to be started outside. That was a little disappointing, I wanted to watch them sprout, but at least it’s one less step. And this weekend we’ll be hunting down some soaker hoses and the necessary accoutrements for my first-ever official garden. Oh, sure, I used to grow great crops of tomatoes and peppers–even cantaloupe–in Newark in big tubs, but this is my first in-ground garden.

I’ve been getting rousing rumblings from my enternal rest over the last few weeks that my services would be needed once again. The call was even greater last night with the vibrations I was feeling from a certain someone, an old fan of mine, Jayne, who oftentimes took me to task about my opinions.  Well, I think it’s official, I’m going to be lending some spectral input to this season of American Idol. I know my name has been bandied about over the last few weeks, will the Ghost of Commander come back? Will he not?  And as it turns out, Herbert and The New Shazzam are nowhere to be found. I thought they did a fine job in the experimental two-voice format last season, I thought their bantering was charming at times but, this time around, Iwant to keep it simple,  not a blow by blow like I’ve done in the past. That was too tedious.

So, let’s take a look at the first round of the competition.

First of all, I love the new sans-Simon version of American Idol; we’re not all encumbered by his weekly vanity-fest. But I do take issue with how this new panel of judges don’t really come as clean as it seemed they set out to be. Take Jacob last night, for example. He was all over the place in pitch, with tone, with notes bouncing off of everywhere. He’s not one of my favorites to begin with, but he’s done much, much better than this and the judges were eating him up. I think they did him a disservice by telling him he has what it takes. All but Randy. I’m really impressed with him, being the voice of reason this season, without parroting the rest of the judges.   Lauren was horrible, inaudible and didn’t like being told so. Casey, I’m not too crazy about either. Ashton was shakey. Paul’s voice is too squeaky. Pia so far has done the best job. James, excellent. Haley yuck. Jacob…whoops…that’s unfortunate. Thia was good, but did she screw up on the lyrics? Stefano…a curious arrangement and did a good job. Karen good until her end note. Scotty is cute as a button and that’s some voice! He’s a favorite. Naima was so-so, a little rough, a little pitchy.

So, what’s my take? Bear with me, I’m a little rusty. I hope Naima doesn’t get axed, seeing as how she was a wild card pick and her performance was just so-so. I’d like to see Lauren go, just because, but I think the worst job last night  is a toss up between Jacob, Aston and  Haley. Either of them can go and it will be fair. But, if I have to name one, I’ll say Haley.  Come back tomorrow to see if I’m still on my game!

Until next time…


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