He’s Everywhere!

Where do I start. The obvious…still no call about the CO. Moving on…Yesterday, the air conditioning guys came and tied the addition into the existing system. The one guy, I assume the “boss”, probably because of his size, clocked in at six foot five and walked smack into the light fixture in my kitchen and stood with the top of his head just brushing the top of the doorframe. I know this was a risky thing say because Ariel now has ammo to shorten its length, but I’ll continue to fight tooth and nail to leave as it is. The plumber was also here to assess the task at hand and is allegedly going to be here today to move the radiator. And Jim wants to start framing today as well and he plans on having the entire job done by the end of next week. I’m looking forward to that. OH! And! Our lights, as we understand straight from the horse’s mouth (that would be Patio Joe) he’ll have them in by next weekend.  Here’s a sneak preview of them, only because I’m excited about them. Now that I’ve dispensed with the house business ad nauseum…

I clicked on a link yesterday afternoon that I’ve had in my favorites folder that I haven’t visited in a really long time, Live365, a streaming online radio website, and clicked on one of my presets, Randy Goat Radio. It’s hosts have a no holds barred attitude so you’re liable to hear just about anything come out of their mouths. From the time I turned it on they talked about Lara Parker who played Angelique on Dark Shadows. They also said she appeared on the pilot episode of The Incredible Hulk. How about that. And they went from topic to controversial topic, one after the other and ended up badmouthing a New Jersey icon, Uncle Floyd. It doesn’t matter what they said because I’m not talking about him. But that brought up something else that my sister and I used to get a charge out of listening to, on a staticky old AM radio…

A spoof of comic book heroes, Benton Harbor, busy shoe salesman by day, at a large Midland City department store, only had time on the weekends to fight crime. Buck…buck…buck….buuuuck is the trumpeting call that precedes Chickenman’s appearance to fight his nemeses such as Chicken-Plucker, The Dog Lady, Big Clyde Crushman, The Bear Lady and Benton’s childhood playmate, Rodney Farber, who never forgave his friend for breaking his red wagon one Christmas Day. I only know this stuff because I just looked it up. All we ever knew was the little bits of the shows we managed to hear through the crackling reception.





One thing I’ve noticed about this year’s contestants, they all rather WOWed during the auditions but since Hollywood week and even into the other night’s performances, quite a few of them seem to be losing steam. So, let’s get down to cases, shall we?

Jacob, Karen, and Stefano were the first three to come out to learn their fate and Karen is in the bottom three. And that’s not right. Of those three, Jacob was a nightmare on Wednesday night.

Lauren, Ashton and Haley are the next three up. Katherine Mc…sorry, Lauren is safe…curses! And Ashton and Haley round out the bottom three.

Drat! I missed this one. My first time back in all these years. Ashton is singing for her life, hoping for the judges’ “save” while Haley is safe at least for another week. And judging from this lifesaving performance, which is worse than Wednesday night, she’s a goner. Well, it really was a toss up. I did have her and Haley…and Jacob in the bottom 3 last night. And she was so good during the auditions. Oh well. I’ll give myself a half a point.


Hey, it’s Brian again, don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead this weekend!


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One Response to “He’s Everywhere!”

  1. Donna Says:

    He’s everywhere! He’s everywhere! Funny stuff 🙂 Actually, we have radio commercials here (namely for springfieldhelpwanted.com) that stars that guy…the voice of chickenman…and the theme of the commercials are similar to the chickenman skits…

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