Once More Through The Ringer

And once more I’m a day late with this story, only because I had a couple of busy days and didn’t blog. Seems that the American Flag was once again the object of someone’s disapproval. It was displayed on a glass enclosed bulletin board in a Haddonfield, NJ board of education’s superintendent’s office, where it had been present for at least 25 years and someone decided to complain about it. The Board Administrator, Andrew Hall immediately removed the offending decal. But, Hall reconsidered and said in a telephone interview last Friday afternoon that there would be a replacement flag on the bulletin board the middle to end of next week (meaning, I believe, this week).

I immediately had one question, which should be fairly obvious, but who has that much disregard for the flag to be bullied into removing it from anywhere? Good Lord, are we that lily-livered and brainwashed in this country that we have to consistently cowtow to those who don’t like something?  What about those of us who are offended by people who find everything offensive? If anyone is that offended by our flag, let them go where the flag is more pleasing.  And the second question that came into my mind was why would it have to take so long to put another one on the bulletin board?

Had a pretty full weekend. We did some work around the house. I started some more seedlings, this time for some bell peppers. My tomatoes are growing like weeds as are my oregano and thyme. We got our soaker hoses and got them into the garden beds. We finally had a fire in our firepit Saturday night after the great disappearing act of 2011 which unwittingly turned our foursome into a threesome, and the three of us shivered ourselves into a stupor while the fire petered out.

Both days over the weekend, Jim was here working on the new closet, which, according to him yesterday should be completed by next Wednesday even though he’ll be leaving later on today to visit with his wife after his three week stay up here in New Jersey. His son will oversee the rest of the work.

Monday was my mother’s birthday and for the first time in I don’t know how long we actually did dinner on the day. We had our traditional St Patty’s Day dinner we normally have for her birthday. This year’s corned beef was the best I think we’ve ever had and quite frankly, I can’t wait for tomorrow because we’re having leftovers for dinner. Even after the near catastrophe of my soda breads baking into the heating coils in my oven (and the timer inadvertently being turned off) they came out just perfect.

Oh yeah, CO news! Still nothing. Maybe today, who knows? But as of last Friday, when I went to town hall to speak to the head guy in person, he told me the building inspector still hadn’t signed off on his inspection. The Hell….?

“Wait a minute. Do you mean ta….why you!” and then he, Tom Powers, slapped her.

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One Response to “Once More Through The Ringer”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I love you, but that waving American Flag icon at the end of your blog is really offensive to me. No, it’s not really … but MY question would be this: how could anyone COMPLAIN about the American flag??? That is what boggles MY mind! Complain? About the American flag? I am normally a person of acceptance and tolerance, but to that level of ignorance I say – if you don’t like it, then GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY! 🙂 The end.

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