Another Flight Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Can New Jersey get anymore ridiculous? Hopewell Township is considering an ordinance that would regulate when a rooster could cock-a-doodle-do. No kidding! Properties in that town of less than five acres will be allowed to keep up to a half dozen hens but the roosters will only be allowed to stay there (what? for mating purposes, I guess–yes, that’s it) only 10 days. And they’d be barred from crowing. (I’m laughing out loud while I’m writing this). If the roosters get out of control and get to cock-a-doodle-do’ing too loudly, the property won’t be allowed to host them for two years. Really? Do any of these properties own dogs? The reason is because raising chickens in Hopewell is becoming a growing trend and while some feel it’s a waste of time, passing this ordinance, the mayor deems it will provide a balance between the town’s suburban lifestyle and rich farming history.

Those damn old 59 year olds with their cell phones. In fact, the whole bunch of those 59-81 year olds are such a nuisance. In a study, under three different conditions; undistracted, talking on a hands free cell-phone and listening to an iPod–the 59-81 group took longer to cross the simulated street than the 18-26 year old group under the same circumstances. My guess is oldsters were just wiser and only simulated crossing the street. And what about the group between 27 and 58? Oh, that’s right, they were conducting the test. They’re the ones that know better than to be on the phone and walk at the same time. They do it right. They DRIVE and talk on the phone and some of them even text while driving, no doubt.

If they had conducted this test in an actual situation, and, just to make a point, because I recently experience it myself, in Washington, DC, the results would have been totally different, I’m sure. Do you know they have the crosswalks timed? Yeah, when the ‘walking man’ flashes, indicating it’s safe for pedestrians to cross, seconds start ticking down. But (and this is the most ridiculous thing) intersections that are as wide my patio…53 seconds. Crosswalks that span the equivalent of a 4 lane highway…. 13 seconds. No lie!

Oh, yeah, duh, how could I forget this? I picked up my CO yesterday. So, now all that’s pending is the final bill for the last payment of the contract, plus whatever incidental charges we have and after that’s paid, we’ll be officially finished with the addition. And now the new closet’s ETA has been pushed back one more week. Ah well….

And now, after a few short hours, my much anticipated weekend will be upon me, so let me go get started on that!

Keep this in mind this weekend:

Somewhere there’s music, how faint the tune, somewhere there’s Heaven, how high the moon.


So, we opened the show with what I always effectionately referred to as “The Brady Bunch” moment, but I have to tell you, tonight’s mash up of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and “Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf was quite entertaining.

First set to find out their fates are Jacob, Casey and Lauren. Jacob…safe. Lauren…safe. Casey…safe.

Next, Haley and Paul. Haley…bottom 3! Paul…safe.

Then Lee Dewyze, winner from last year, came out and sang and proved once again that Crystal Bowersox got robbed of the title.

Now we have Scotty, Pia and James. Scotty is safe…and a cute little bugger! Pia…safe. James…safe.

And now Stefano and Naima to the center of the stage. Naima is in the bottom 3.

And finally, Karen and Thia. Thia is safe.

I got all 3 bottom 3! Smell me!

The Black Eyed Peas now came out to sing and Fergie has a new look. And thankfully they sounded better than they have the last few times they appeared on TV, especially the Superbowl. Wasn’t that nauseating?

Naima is safe. Wow! I’m just as happy as I am surprised. But Karen is singing for her life and Haley is safe. I’d have rathered Haley go home between the two of them, well, between the 3 of them, but Naima really disappointed me. Karen is worth saving, she’s better than Haley, but not the best singer there. But it’s just so early in the competition to be using a save. And they didn’t use the save. Wise move. So, there you go. Another week and I misjudged. But give me credit for picking the bottom 3. Give a dead newt a break!

Until next time…..


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One Response to “Another Flight Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I’m just wondering who is going to tell the roosters about the new township ordinance. ?? You know those roosters are pretty rebellious! Something tells me that they are going to cock-a-doodle-doo when they darn-well please whether there is a rule against it or not! But I don’t know, that’s just me thinking …

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