The Moon And The Stars

Alright, in three words or less…Yeah…right!

Okay, so you know we got the CO and that’s all taken care of, so now I don’t have to ramble on about that. And the closet got back into full swing yesterday; it’s all sheetrocked and today it will be spackled and by Wednesday the door will go in, plus the electricity will be hooked up, a light installed and a vent cover over the air conditioning duct. I’m taking pictures throughout–there aren’t that many, but I’ll put them up all together when the job is complete, which is still scheduled for before this coming weekend. And the lights on the patio didn’t get installed this past weekend, nor yesterday, which was no wonder what with the weather. SNOW!!! on the first day of spring.

It was a much anticipated “A Star Is Born”, headboard making, steak grilling, Supermoon watching kind of weekend. For Christmas, Santa Claus not only brought me the new deluxe edition of Judy Garland’s “A Star Is Born”, but he also had the Janet Gaynor/Frederic March original and the Streisand/Kristofferson versions festively wrapped under my teeny tiny tree. We did one a night, starting with the original on Friday with a Buffalo chicken pizza (HOT!!!!!…ouch–and my tummy wasn’t so happy the following morning, I’ll tell you that! ) and we ended up falling asleep, each at different times. So, Saturday, after we spent the better part of the day constructing the padded leather headboard we’ve been talking about making forever, I made fresh pasta to have with grilled Delmonico steaks I bought at the Amish market and cooked on the grill before the lunar event of the century: the Supermoon.

We built a fire that fizzled while we sat on the darkened patio with the soft glow of Janet Gaynor and Frederic March playing on the portable DVD player (to catch up on what we fell asleep to the night before), the camera was all set on the tripod for the astral phenomenon and we were freezing our bippies off even though we had our Unilazies on. Ha! I haven’t thought about bippies since Laugh-In was on television. Bippie, of course, was one of those words they used to make you think of a certain part of one’s anatomy that in those days was a no-no to mention. I know what a Bip is; it’s what I call what I wear on my feet around the house, be it a pair of slippers or flipflops in the summer.

After the bust that was the Supermoon–it didn’t look any different to either one of us than any other full moon on a clear night, nor did it seem any closer, we came in for warmth and for Judy Garland’s turn as Vicki Lester.

Here’s a quick note, dear blog readers; the character of Danny McGuire in “A Star Is Born” was played by Andy Devine in 1937 and by Tommy Noonan in 1957. Also, Danny McGuire was played by Gene Kelly in the movie, “Cover Girl” with Rita Hayworth in 1944 and also by Gene Kelly in “Xanadu” opposite Olivia Newton John in 1980.

We were up a 8 on Sunday to prepare food for brunch with a friend of ours, Chris, we haven’t seen in ages and afterward we settled down with the finale of our “A Star Is Born” trifecta.

I did some snooping around and found that slated for 2012 is a new “A Star Is Born”  starring Beyonce which is to be directed by Clint Eastwood or Nick Cassavetes (depending on which article you read). Not much has been revealed although names like Russell Crowe and Robert Downey Jr. have been bandied about as the male lead. And speaking of Barbra Streisand, it’s a will they or won’t they wait and see kind of thing right now; one report says the plans for her screen version of Gypsy have been scrapped while others say it’s still a go.

Now THAT was definitely right around three words!

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One Response to “The Moon And The Stars”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I saw the Supermoon. I guess, to me, it just looked like a giant hunk of cheese.

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