Missed It By One

A big thank you to all my readers. Wow! I didn’t realize there were so many of you out there, but I’m glad you are. Look! 10,001 views to my website and I’m hoping that a good portion of those lead you to this place! I was keeping my eye on it, watching the numbers creep up and I wanted to capture the moment an even ten thousand showed up, but I missed it.

For those of you fairly new to my blog, (at the risk of being repetitious to those who have been here a while) let me tell you quickly how it began. I wrote a novel, Mightier Than The Pen and come to think of it, in 4 days (March 27) at 2:33pm it will be 6 years since I completed it and have since been trying to get it published, but, of course, all I can get is rejection after rejection. One publisher I courted suggested having a website to help promote it and through one thing and another, I have this blog. I am also working on rewrites of my second novel, a sequel to the first and if I play my cards right, depending on how I decide to end this one, I could have a third.

Okay, enough about the history lesson but again a big thanks to all of you. Now, if you happen to know a literary agent or a publisher who is just dying to get his or her hands on a great story…send them my way <insert smiley face>.

On to house news: The new closet door came in wrong and had to be re-ordered so it could be another two weeks before that bedroom is usable again. But once they’re finished up there, while we wait we can get the painting done, but I would recommend the carpeting after the door goes in. Like I said yesterday, since this job is comparatively small to everything else we had done, the snafus seem that much larger, but this project that on the onset was to have taken two weeks is turning into a marathon. Ah well. Stay tuned.


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