If A Tree Falls…

So, here’s something I don’t understand. Recently I had my taxes done to the crashing reality that I was going to owe a king’s ransom and I gulped with both embarrassment, as if I had done something wrong and relief that it wasn’t as bad as we thought it might have been. Although, had we not taken our advisor’s advice, it could easy have been double that amount. Okay, but that’s not the point. My accountant inadvertently left something off my return that would have lessened my payment by a cool few hundred, so he sent me another return I could send in once my check had cleared. Well, the one for Federal. Okay, but that’s still not the point. The accountant gave me pre-addressed envelopes with return receipt cards attached and now I’m getting to my point. Yesterday, in the mail, I got my return receipt from the Federal payment, however my check hasn’t cleared. Oh, wait, here’s the point, my State check cleared, but I have not yet gotten my return receipt card. What up? Are those return cards arbitrarily paid attention to? Is this the way the government works?

If I fell in the forest and no one was around, who would laugh?

House news (ad nauseum): the way I hear it, the closet door is supposed to be in today. How that’s possible since after two weeks of waiting it came in wrong and now here it is, two days later is a mystery, but if it really is ready then who cares, Edith? The spacklers finished yesterday. All we need is the closet poles, the light, the electricity and the room will be done. By Friday, I’m told. Then we’ll paint, get the carpet put down and Bob’s your uncle!

And I missed getting Liz points by one minute yesterday morning. ONE minute!  Bobby got the points. I swear he must  have a deathwatch direct hotline.  Rest in peace!



Motown Night.

The history of Motown is quite remarkable, to think it was all started with a borrowed $800 and to see what happened to some of those hits last night on Idol is rather shameful. But, that’s where the luxury of getting to vote one of them off comes in handy.

To be sure, I think Jacob and James were neck and neck for best of the night, with James pulling ahead ever so slightly. Jacob sang You’re All I Need and was very controlled. He said he would be and kept his screechy high notes in check. James put a current soulfulness into Livin’ For The City.

I also have to say, while on the subject of Jacob, note to American Idol: tone down your background singers. There were times they were singing over the contestant and we’re not judging them. Well, at least they’re not the singers on Dancing With The Stars.. Yikes.

Much as I hate to admit it, Lauren sang very well last night, but her rendition of You Keep Me Hanging On was too unchanged from the original. Perhaps if she had twangified it, like she did last week, like Scotty does, and did with For Once In My Life. I was kind of like this and like that with it, but he’s just so gosh danged cute, and he really smoothed out his rough beginning. The show’s favorite, Casey, still annoys me. He always sounds like he’s being strangled. My favorite, Naima, once again disappointed me. Dancing In The Street is a smooth, soulful feel-good song, while at the same time evoking a laid back summertime scene, like dancing is effortless when you’re happy, but this version was too choppy. My other favorite, who brought the house down last week, left me a little cold. And Pia, though the judges compared her performance to something Celine Dion-like, I found the song overpowered her and she had to try too hard to keep up. Paul forgot his lyrics and Haley….

So, that leaves me with my picks for the bottom 3 again.


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2 Responses to “If A Tree Falls…”

  1. Gary Collins Says:

    Well, Brian — even though we disagreed about Pia’s performance, I find you analysis of the American Idol show pretty much spot on. I absolutely agree that Jacob and James were the best, and that James was a little better. I agree with the backup singer observations — tone it down! LOL! When the singing is good they don’t need to cover it up — they DO need to overpower the singer when the singing is bad! 🙂 Naima’s performance was just strange; Paul’s was his best, but still did nothing for me; and I’m exactly with you — Casey is just annoying. I didn’t like Haley at all — her performance was somehow creepy (as creepy as her creeping down the stairs in those high heels — I just knew she was gonna tumble!) Poor Thia is just out of her element — give her another year or three and she might be a worthy contestant. I predict either Thia or Haley will exit tonight, though I think Thia still has enough popular support (sympathy support) to keep her in for another week or two. I’m also predicting that Pia won’t make the final — she doesn’t excite the fan base — she blows them away — but hasn’t shown the Vegas/Celine aptitude to make the audience embrace her.

  2. Melissa Says:

    Actually, Brian’s my uncle!

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