Creatures Of The Night


PART 2:   I loved Stevie Nicks, she looks fabulous and she even treated us to her trademark twirl. The audience erupted when she sang “Stand Back” and we nearly tore the roof off the place once “Edge of Seventeen” began. That would have been the perfect finale, but she sang a song she had begun writing before 9/11 and found its meaning relevant in today’s world climate. Not being familiar with it, and it being a ballad, it kind of brought the mood down some. But the evening belonged to Rod Stewart, he really had the place rockin’ from start to finish. As you saw in the pictures yesterday, he had Stevie Nicks join him on stage for a few numbers. With the exception of a few new songs each, their sets were made up of their classic stuff and his finale was “Do You Think I’m Sexy”. I was surprised how many Rod Stewart songs I knew and actually enjoyed, even though I never would have considered myself a bona fide fan.

We were meeting friends from Brooklyn after the show to hang out and knock back a couple of drinks who I finally got a hold of on the phone. Apparently I had an incorrect number and found out about that on Sunday morning when after I sent another text message, the owner of that number called to tell me I’ve been texting and calling and that I should double-check my number.

We walked from The Garden down to our Hotel on 21st Street to get out of our dinner/concert clothes and put on something more suitable for barhopping and then it was back to 28th Street, by foot and our friends were running late. By just around midnight they got there and we kibitzed the night away, every now and then dodging a pistoning pool cue. Well, it was a stupid move for the bar to  have moved the pool table to that end of the bar rather than have left it in the vast barren area it was in just three weeks ago. The four of us made plans to possibly see a show starring two actors from the now defunct Guiding Light, Robert Newman and Kim Zimmer, who recently reprised her role as Echo DeSavoy on One Life To Live.

Should we get one more round? Should we go? Gabe and Mike were leaving, it was nigh on three AM but the lure of another beer won us over plus I was desparate to tag one good song on the Shazam app on my Droid, like I do everytime we go there, but Shazam wasn’t recognizing anything. They play such incredible underground club music there. I was beginning to feel a little hungry so we hurried through those beers, got out coats and left. I was seeking out a hot dog truck on the way back from the concert, one that wasn’t embroiled in the melee of the helter skelter pedestrian traffic so close to The Garden, but there wasn’t one to be found until, like a mirage in the desert, we happened upon one a few blocks from the club, with everything under the sun available on it. It was situated on a corner outside of yet another club for the, shall we say, younger set… and if I really didn’t need something in my stomach, I would have continued back to the room, but we suffered the insufferable public displays of drunkenness and the mingling of police presence to maintain order. Once the hot dog vender recovered from getting knocked almost off his feet from some washed out drunken female club-goer (at least I think it was a she) crashing into him after she wrestled herself free from a policeman’s grasp and yelling at him with inaudible words, we were able to order two dogs each. I had to have mine without relish. He didn’t have any. Why is it  always relish they run out of? And there was the trio of younger guys, two of which kept trying to keep the third one, who was quite verbal about being turned down repeatedly for prospective female company from meeting one of those Kamikaze New York taxicabs face to face.  

It’s a whole new world, New York City,  in the wee hours of the morning. The most colorful characters come out to play and are mightily highlighted in the dead of night. Well, they’re probably always there, but they just don’t shine under the camouflage of daylight. And still, there was that man…


One Response to “Creatures Of The Night”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Yipe!!! I feel like a deer in headlights just READING about the scene on the streets of NYC …

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