Back To Reality

I have no idea how I can top part 3 of my New York adventure so I won’t even try. In fact, that kind of took it out of me, as you can well imagine. For anyone who hasn’t read it yet, please don’t spoil the fun by reading it out of sequence, go to part one entitled “Stand Back, Maggie May”.

I have just a few things. House things. Yes, we’re back to that. The closet door is installed, just needs moldings put up and a custom-made jamb. The light fixture is up, the electricity just needs to be connected and I’ve got a carpet installation date all set. And!, though it remains to be seen, we were told last night that by Saturday our patio lights will be installed. Hmm.

What else do I have for you?  I had a seemingly quick healing infection in my eye. Two nights ago, completely out of the blue while l watching television, my right eye began to burn and tear and I’d wake up periodically throughout  the night and the tears were literlly pouring down my face. In the morning, my eye was blurry and it felt like my lens was wedged up under my eyelid. Finally, later in the day I went to see my doctor and she told me my cornea was scratched and a slight infection had developed and that’s what gave me the sensation of my contact under my lid; it was no longer in my eye as it turns out, must have come out during the night.  So, now I have drops to use for the next 5 days and already the redness and swelling has gone down. She also warned me I should start considering not wearing my lenses when I sleep anymore to give my aging eyes a chance to cleanse themselves like they’re meant to during the night. Aging? Is that why I’m getting those AARP flyers in the mail lately?

Well, you’ve probably already heard about the new entries into the Oxford dictionary: OMG, LOL, <3, muffin top. Yes, the heart symbol, ❤ that texters use to show love. Really? Texting slang is now considered actual words? If that’s the case, can they extricate the word amazing from the lexicon then?

And of course I’m a day late with this most adorable video, but I’m posting it anyway, just in case someone out there hasn’t seen it yet.


Let’s see what Commander’s got for us.

Brian, Brian, Brian, that was some story. Most people nowadays just have bedbugs to worry about, but this is a new one!

Hey there, American Idol fans! Oh, good grief, I was just not having it last night. Can I just send everyone home? What a tedious show this was. Seeing as how the theme was Sir Elton John, who would have assumed boredom? I’m sure if I think long and hard, I might come up with something worthy of comment.

First up, cute as a button Scotty further countrified Little Country Comfort which he dedicated to his grandma who was sitting in the audience and it was a sweet performance. Naima reggaed up I’m Still Standing and I disagree with the judges that she changed it up too much. “Make it your own, don’t copy the original” is what they say, but like always, when the contestants do, they get told not to do that. Still sounding like Rod Stewart on helium was Paul singing Rocket Man. It was a subdued performance but he still has a grating voice to me. Pia did another ballad, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me and it was good, and it got powerful but I don’t think it was as fantastic as the judges thought. Stefano was better this week than the last time around singing Tiny Dancer, but it still wasn’t to the caliber of If You Don’t Know Me By Now a few weeks back. Lauren “Marilyn’d” her way through Candle In The Wind. She’s no Marilyn Monroe so she shouldn’t try to sing like she was wishing a US President a happy birthday, but the judges were all peeing themselves over this year’s Katherine McPhee. James did a fair job with Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting; there were even pyrotechnics. He started off in a strange register but he pulled it out toward the middle and finished strong. Thia chose Daniel and sorry, Thia, but it bored me. Irritating Casey sang Your Song. The judges like his grunting like he’s constipated. I happen not to. Jacob grimaced through Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (one thing for Elton John, his song titles can be as long as his songs…think about it). It was restrained performance but maybe the most heartfelt performance of the night. And then there was Haley. She turned Bennie And The Jets into something of a torch song, and in the right hands, like, say, Bill Murray, it could be pulled off. But most of the beginning of her song was inaudible, I could barely make out her lyrics. Plus, at that tempo, the stuttering of B-b-b-bennie and the jets should have been performed with a hold where the b-b-b would have been and just sang it as Bennie and the jets. And then to rock out the end, after singing it like a ballad just didn’t fit. But the judges deemed her performance as best of the night.

In spite of the no less than a dozen “amazings” (I’m right there with Brian on that one) that were uttered throughout the show,  and since I have no idea if they’ll have a bottom 3 and send 2 of them home or how they’ll handle it tonights,I think I’ll just predict who I think should leave,  and we’ll see how that goes tonight.





Until next time…



One Response to “Back To Reality”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Thanks for posting the video of the two babies talking. I saw them on Good Morning America, and they were talking to each other just like that while they were being “interviewed.” Cute. I can appreciate it more when I’m not looking at the time and wondering if I’m going to be late for work!

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