Two Had To Go

Over 55 million votes (a new record in 10 seasons) went into making tonight’s elimination possible. I have a feeling tonight’s show (this is stream of consciousness at its best, you’re feeling what I felt as I felt it). I have a feeling this show is going to be just as tedious as last night. Changing up the ritual of learning their fates, the contestants are being grouped together to sing and then find out whether each is safe or not.

First up, Scotty and Lauren singing I Told You So and they’re both safe.

Ashford and Simpsons’ Solid is the song Jacob and Naima are singing. Jacob wasn’t too sure of his lyrics in his solo, but together they sounded good. Naima is in the bottom three.

Fantasia all sounding like Betty Boop came out and sang Cornbread.

Pia, Haley and Thia is the next group to sing and Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. Pia is safe. Thia is also in the bottom three and Haley is safe. I don’t get it.

Paul, Casey, Stefano and James are up next, sounding like The Lettermen (who remembers them? Show of hands, be honest!) singing Paul McCartney and Wings’ Band On The Run. Casey is safe….figures. James is safe. Paul rounds out the bottom 3. Stefano is safe. Now he better start pulling it out again if he wants to go further.

Hmm, so now we have a whole different line-up than I imagined. I imagined 9 of them in the bottom 3, turns out they only have 3, but one of my picks to go home is in there, so maybe I’ll be half right. Of the three, I think it will be Paul and Thia. Damn judges wasted that save last week.

Then, posing as entertainment, and Jamie (someone once told me I had talent and I believed them) Foxx sang some crappy song from some movie or other. I was trimming my toenails during that time. No I wasn’t. Newt ghosts don’t have toenails. Neither do live ones.

Here we go…. the one person safe is Paul. So, there goes Naima but so does Thia. So, I’m half right.


Until next time….. (rackin frackin &$**#&&#)


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