Hall of Fame Results

Before we get into last night’s show, I have to admit that before you read my blog yesterday, I quickly changed one of my bottom three choices. I actually had James Durbin where Jacob’s picture now resides. Now that I’ve come clean on that, which I didn’t have to do, but I was really torn after the performances (unless of course it turns out my gut feeling was correct by the time we get to the results)n we can get on with last night’s recap.

You know what else I have a real problem with? The judges. Yes, it’s a nicer environment without Simon constantly being the center of attention, but this new panel of judges, with the curious exception of Randy, is just coming across as filler for the other two seats at the judge’s table. Everyone is great, everyone “nails” their songs. No. No they don’t. Randy is the voice of reason this year, offering advice and constructive criticism and with out the condescending attitude Simon exhibited and the other two seem to be wallowing in the ether of being a judge.

The Brady Bunch moment was another mashup of “Sweet Home Alabama” and “I Love Rock and Roll”

Oh boy, here we go. Casey, Stefano and Lauren were up first. Lauren is safe. Casey is safe. Stefano in the bottom three. So far, 1 for 3 tonight.

Then Constantine Maroulis, from season 4 would have had you believe he was singing “Unchained Melody”, making it his own so to speak. Unfortunately he had to open his mouth and ruin a beautifully haunting musical arrangement.

Up next, Paul, Pia and Scotty. Scotty is safe. The lamb! Paul is safe and Pia is in the bottom three. My score, 1 for 3.

James, Haley and Jacob is the last group up. James is safe, and I apologize James for thinking otherwise. Haley is safe. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! Jacob is in the bottom 3. Okay, so I’m 2 for 3. Haley is safe? And the look on all three judges’ faces was more than telling they felt the same way. So, I ask, why did they tell her they “nailed” her song the night before? How can they act so surprised?

Saggy Pop came out and…hmm? Oh, sorry, Iggy…Iggy Pop came out and gyrated and bounced  around shirtless through some song that apparently had some objectionable language because a couple of times the sound cut out. And really…what was that?

Now for the final results. Jacob is safe. So that means between Pia and Stefano, it’ll have to be Stefano. My other favorite since the auditions. Him and Naima! But no. Holy crap, NO!!!! It’s Pia who is going. Oh my God! Not my favorite, but I’m in total shock. And she held it as together as she could while she sang her final song, “I’ll Stand By You” and I had goose bumps along my little legs. Next week, Haley has GOT to go!

Well, looks like I used up all of Brian’s space for today. That’s the way the ball bounces I guess. He’ll be baack on Monday. I hear he’s got something to complain about.

Until next time…..


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