Later The Next Day

The battle rages on trying to save One Life to Live, but before I get into that, I need to cover some other stuff.

This is a fun little story. I got an email about my credit card having been rejected for an online purchase. The purchase was made earlier in the year, the item was out of stock and in the meantime that card had expired so they wanted to alert me of the problem. I called the number and told the guy on the phone why I was calling and it seemed for a while there, he wasn’t going to let me finish saying what I needed to say. Finally, I got it through to him that it was the same card number, but a different expiration date. He said to me, “Perhaps I can take over the conversation now and explain something to you.” “Oh, sure, go ahead” I told him. “This number is encrypted to me. I cannot see it, therefore I need you to read the number off your card to me so I can re-enter it”. I said, “Oh, sure, no problem. I just wasn’t expecting you to be so rude.” But in the end we kissed and made up, I just better watch my credit card bills for any unauthorized purchases by Mike!

I’ve been wanting to show you this since last week when I got a fantastic video in an email from my sister and with Easter just days away it seems the appropriate time to show it. It’s a current take on an old story. Unfortunately for some reason, I can’t link it like a YouTube video, but click on the blue button and the player window will open. After a brief advertisement, the video will start. Please enjoy.

From the One Life To Live front:

It’s been discussed all over the internet that the decision to cancel One Life to Live and All My Children was a year in the making, which gives one pause as to how Barbara Walters can defend her… oh, right, her boss, of course… by announcing on the claw and cackle fest otherwise known as The View, after Whoopi Goldberg brought up the topic, undoubtedly meticulously choreographed, that Brian Frons was “almost in tears himself”.  But get this! A little over a year ago, I blogged about my concern over an article I’d read; the date was July 16, 2010 and this paragraph is just part of that entry: (Give me an e. Give me an i.)

I got a little nervous last night when I read an article that my soap opera, One Life To Live was rumored to be on the chopping block once again, like it was last fall. However, according to the article, Brian Frons, head of ABC daytime television said the network was committed to keeping all three of its soaps–All My Children, OLTL and General Hospital–on the air.

Really, liar?

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Hoover will discontinue sponsoring ABC as of this coming Friday!

Please help in the fight to keep the remaining soaps on the air. Watch an episode or two. Come on, it won’t kill you. Even if you don’t watch any of these soaps just think what television could be with nothing but reality TV 24/7 in place of your favorite television show. Just imagine it were one of your favorite shows; perhaps your cable company decided to pull the plug on all things Sci-fi, or comedy, or sports.  Just because the television  networks forcefeed us inferior programming doesn’t mean we have to like it. Write a letter to one, or both of these people and tell  them to save our shows.

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One Response to “Later The Next Day”

  1. Donna Says:

    I’m so glad you posted the Follow video! I would like to say something to your readers: Chances are you have a Bible, please read it and this video will become very personal to you. Romans 6:23; this verse kind of sums up everything!
    Good luck with keeping the soaps on the air. Good for Mr. Kirkendall!

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