A Bright Spot

No matter how I coaxed, The Ghost of Commander was adamant about not doing his recap, so it’s up to me. I hope I do him proud. I know he’ll be reading this.

First of all, Ariel and I were trying to determine where Steven Tyler is buying his clothes and he thought it was the International Male reject warehouse. I, on the other hand, think it’s Carly Simon’s closet.

Then, the six remaining contestants did a horrendous job with a Carole King medley; that aside, I’m just flabbergasted that so many songs that are so familiar and have been around forever are all hers.

Crystal Bowersox, who really should have won last year, America, sang “Ridin With The Radio”. And then the obligatory “pad the hour” with silly stuff and it was question and answer time for the contestants.

Finally time for the results. First up, Haley. She’s safe. WTF? Really! Sorry, Commander. I guess I’ll be here next week, as well. Next is Scotty, but Ryan made him sit and wait a while longer for his results. Then it was Lauren’s turn. And she went back to the couch without her results.

Constipation Casey was next. And back to the couch. Finally, a true result, James is safe. And now it’s Jacob’s turn and Lauren, Constipation Casey and Scotty came back to the stage. Lauren is safe.  And the world waited while Bruno Mars whined through some song or other. Ugh.

So, it was the three remaining boys; Jacob, Scotty and Casey.  Double ugh… Jacob is safe. And between Constipation Casey and Scotty, the person who got voted off was CONSTIPATION CASEY! YES!!!!!! Scotty is safe! That should give Commander a little consolation.



So, there’s a new rumor going around concerning the battle to save One Life to Live and All My Children. I wasn’t sure if mentioning it would be a jinx or not, but I’m seeing it posted almost everywhere, and quite frankly, I’m too excited about the prospect to keep hold onto it. This is a definite bright spot in an otherwise dismal abyss.

Considering this latest bit of news, maybe this rumor may just come to be fact.  One Life To Live tied for second during the week of April 18-22, winning over 263,000 viewers, beating General Hospital in total viewers–the show Brian Frons was going to “keep around” because it was doing so well. But then rumors began to spread that even GH was going bye-bye. Super Genius just wants to kill the “soap”.  Wouldn’t this proposesd acquisition be a huge ostrich egg in Brian Frons’ face!

So, come on, dear readers, I repeat what I said a few days ago, watch an episode or two,  it won’t kill you. Tell a friend to tune in. SAVE OUR SOAPS!

And I’ll close out the week with this short, but nonetheless hysterical video. It’s a few years old, but it came into my mind yesterday and I found it and so here it is. You all have a great weekend.

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