The Part of Commander Is Being Played By…

Well, it’s time once again for American Idol. Seems ages ago the last blog was posted but last week, as you know, I was away, in Illinois for Easter. And who was it, Stefano that got the boot? Yeah. And because of that, and the fact that Haley is still hanging on, Commander seems to have abdicated his position, so I’ll see what I can do with the remaining 5 contestants, each singing two songs; one a current selection and the other a classic.

Last night’s guest mentor was music’s royalty(?), Sheryl Crowe. And she’s ready to retire because she got to sing with James who was up first singing Closer The Edge by 30 Seconds To Mars. Sorry, and to quote Randy, for me, James was all over the place and flat at times and even his signature and usually melodic screech was quite the opposite. The judges, of course, all peed themselves over it, but I was disappointed. This was his worst performance to date.

I also see Marie Osmond has remarried her first husband. Liz Taylor much?

Jacob decided to sing Jordin Sparks’ No Air. Goodness, even the background singers sounded off key. This was horrid also; again, like James, off key. I’m so looking forward to the return of So You Think You Can Dance.

Lauren then sang Carrie Underpa….Underwood’s Flat On the Floor. You know, Commander and I both gave her a pass a while back, lifting from her the enigma of being this year’s Katherine McPhee. That honor is now firmly planted on Haley. Lauren’s performance was very good–not great–but she left the previous two guys eating her dust.

Scotty…pants (really, Ryan?) sang Gone, by Montgomery Gentry. Still wants to hold his mic like a flute, but this was the most animated I’ve seen Scotty all season and the song fit him to a tee. When he started I was about ready to start yawning…another country song, yeah, whatever, but then he sort of broke out into a performance. And now that was my favorite of the night, so far.

Haley sang You And I by Lady Gaga, a song that’s not even released. Not sure why she’s still on the show.

James returned to sing Nilsson’s Without You, one of my all time personal favorites. Better than his first song, and his emotions got a hold of him, but he held it together and gave a fairly good performance. Still, he has done better. But through his crying and choking up, he did a great job.

Jacob encored with Love Hurts by Nazareth. You know what else hurts? My ears.

Lauren’s classic was The Righteous Brothers’ Unchained Melody. It was okay, nothing earth-shattering, a little too heavy on the runs. I liked her first song better.

Scotty toned it down with Elvis’ Always On My Mind. I know Elvis sang it, but I think Willie Nelson with this song. Anyway, Scotty did a very good job. He always comes across so cool and confident.

House of the Rising Sun by The Animals was Haley’s closing number.

Okay, I have my bottom 3.


I want to have at least one correct guess this season, so against what  Commander really wants, as you can see, I’m making Jacob the one who should go. But, wouldn’t it be great if this was the week I was wrong and Commander got his wish?


Nothing more yet on the Sony/One Life To Live rumor and our hopes got a little up yesterday with news that The Revolution was going to be canceled. That’s one of the shows, along with the Cud, er, Chew, that’s slated to take the place of  One Life To Live. The thing is, Jamie Oliver, The Naked Chef also has a show on ABC called Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and the network pulled it in favor of an hour long Dancing With The Stars recap show for May sweeps, airing on Tuesdays before the results show. In the meantime, keep making contact with the names and network affiliates contained within this link. Remember, it could be one of your shows one day. Let’s fight THE MAN and let the little peoples’ voices be heard!

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