How Insulting

I got into the city last night, right on time, even though the cab passed my house…twice!! I made sure to call an hour before my train and I saw him pass by, then saw him waiting to get back onto the highway from my neighbor’s driveway. I guess she gets turnarounds, too. Then he passed me again and went up the side street across from my house. Finally, when he picked me up, he explained that he missed the house because the number wasn’t on the mailbox. That’s my fault because it’s been that way since the winter when the plows kept knocking it into the show and I haven’t replaced them yet. So, after dinner at Playwrights Celtic Pub, one of our favorite haunts, we thought we’d take a stroll through Madam Tussauds wax museum, but it was 8:15 and it closes at 8. So, we headed home.

But, Melissa and Bob had a great time. They started off the morning being on camera on the sidewalk out the studio of The Today Show, which I recorded on my DVR.  Then their seats got upgraded for the Dr. Oz show.  Afterwards they went to the top of the Empire State building and just otherwise tooled around the city until we all met for dinner.

You know that car trouble/mechanic, or toothache/dentist syndrome when the noise or the pain stops when you get to the garage or doctor’s office? Well, one of our new TV’s starting giving us trouble in that we couldn’t turn it on. It would take multiple tries, sometimes into the double digits to get it to come on, either with the remote or the button the actual set. I called the company, they offered a “fix”, it didn’t work. They are sending me a new TV and now, the last two days, this morning included, it started on the very first try.

This is to all companion caretakers, the animals that live in your homes do NOT like to be called “pets” and they also aren’t fond of you calling yourself their owner. It’s just RUDE! Yes, researchers from the Oxford Center for Animal Ethics in tandem with the University of Illinois and Penn State University suggest that using those words degrades the relationship between you and the animal. Therefore, the words “companion” and “caretaker” are the preferred references.

That’s almost like the falderal a few months back when passports applications were going to replace “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” for “mother” and “father”. After all, who wants to insult his or her mother or father by calling them mother or father?

Oh, and by the way, rats and assorted other such non-companion type animals like to be referred to as “free-living”.


Okay, quick update: Brian Frons, President of ABC Daytime has said in a statement:

“Women no longer feel that they need to have an escape in their daytime television, they are looking for information so they can take an active role in changing their lives. It’s a huge difference from what we’ve seen before.



Well, I’m not a woman, but I am a 40+ year fan of One Life To Live and I find his comment insulting, ignorant and dismissive, not only to women but to all the faithful viewers of these shows, not to mention the actors, writers, technical people and those who write for soap magazines both in print and online who will be out of work. They depend on the world of escapism.  On the repeated emails I’ve been sending to any or all of the ABC head listed below, I ask to see the results of the “poll” that gave the indication of what is preferred viewing. But I’ve yet to hear back from them, going back to the very first day when the announcent was made and of course they’re not going to tell me. Who am I?


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2 Responses to “How Insulting”

  1. Donna Says:

    We OWN four PETS; three cats and one dog. They are very happy.

  2. Melissa Says:

    1. The “pet” research … is this why people have to spend THOUSANDS of dollars to get an education??? Because they want to spend that money to find out what WORDS make ANIMALS feel GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES????? Oh my gracious!

    2. I, too, feel that comment from the ABC exec is insulting and totally off-base. Who is he to tell the world what women want? And whose to say that only women are watching those shows? And I am in total agreement with you that what I feel people want … even need … is an escape. Don’t we get ENOUGH news and information for goodness sake? On TV. On the Internet. On our phones. In the newspapers. In the news feeds they have scrolling across the bottom of the screen … and none of it is good news! I want something else! I want something fun and interesting and even silly sometimes!!! 😛

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