Idol Upset

Well, here’s some good news. Two of the pots we planted morning glories and sunflowers in have buds in them. The other two still don’t. And I’ve had to re-sow some thyme and oregano because the seedlings I had started must have gone into shock like my tomatoes because they withered and died. I also need to plant some fresh tomato seeds before the season gets too far underway.

My new eyeglasses are ready; the multifocal ones. Ever since I had my most recent eye infection, I haven’t worn any contact lenses. I’ve been back in regular glasses which are a little easier to manuever, especially when I have to see something close up, I can just take them off. But any further than those 5 inches, things start to get blurry, so I’ve been wearing readers on top of my glasses so I can see my work, since it all involves numbers and such. I’m not sure, but I think I’ve got four focal points in these new glasses (or it might be just three) but either way, I’m kind of excited about a new ease in seeing again.

So, here we go with the results. After 72 million votes, (and a boy/boy then girl/girl mini Brady Bunch moment) the first person safe is Lauren. Oh dear, Commander, hold on to your hats. Unless there’s a major upset as the show goes on and one of the boys gets the boot, your wish will come true.

But first, Lady Gaga in a taped performance did her new song You and I. Then Enrique Iglesias came to the stage to sing Dirty Dancer. I wonder if he has an X-rated version of this song, too, like his song Tonight (tonight I’m loving you turns into ~ tonight I’m F***’ing you). Just a little FYI. You’re welcome.

Jordin Sparks then came out, all thin and looking good singing her song I Am Woman. And the we got to see Steven Tyler’s new music video. Is this the end now? Can we get back to the results? Please? This show could have been over in 11 minutes.

Here we go. Haley is safe. Okay, I just threw up a lotta bit in my mouth. Sorry Ghost of Commander. I guess this is it for you. Sorry you were  roused from your eternal rest.

And of Scotty and James, it’s Scottypants who is safe. Well, there’s still a chance that Lauren and Scotty can take it. I’m putting Scotty and Lauren in the final 2! But now I’m fairly convinced this show is rigged. I’ve thought that since season 5 when Elliott yamin lost to Katherine McPhee and Taylor Hicks.  And look at Daughtry.


Don’t forget One Life to Live today. 2pm. Todd vs. Todd.

And keep those emails going. DAILY!! Just jam their mailboxes.

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