United We….Stand?

Or: will the real terrorist please stand up? (I’ll get to Brian Frons in a bit). On July 1 of this year, a new bill will go into effect whereby all first responders to Ground Zero after the attack on 9/11 must be screened before getting treatment for illnesses incurred and other funding from the $2.5 billion set aside for such aide. Seems I left out the punchline; they must be screened, that is, to make sure their names are not found in the terrorist database. The thought behind it is to keep away those who are not really sick (or who may be terrorists looking to cash in on a good thing). So, while tens of thousands of policemen, firefighters, construction workes, etc await treatment and funding, they are guilty of terrorism until proven innocent. That’s a joke, when you consider the real terrorist is the adorable little baby in his carriage sucking on his bottle. See? You can’t trust anyone!



Okay, on to some other terrorism:

I’ve got a new name for you to email:  gary.shanas@abc.com  Gary Shanas. He is the Vice President of Media Strategy over that at ABC.  I sent an email last night and got the same response as others did on our Facebook group, that he is currently OUT OF THE OFFICE., but at least we’re filling up his inbox. Or at least it gives us hope that’s the case. He’s probably sitting there chomping on a big fat cigar, with that message turned on, deleting  the messages as they come in. Well, we’ll just keep on sending them.  The same happened when I’ve repeatedly tried to contact my local ABC affiliate; I got back fatal errors that the email could not be sent. But I keep on trying.  And as always, here is the reminder for the other info:


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