All This, And Tomatoes Too

Okay, I’m getting right to it today. There’s an issue at Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School in Wyckoff, NJ. There are naked pictures of a 13 year old female student on just about everyone’s mobile phone. When its existence was discovered, a warning letter was sent to the parents by the school  and the students had 2 days (ending yesterday) to delete any copies of the photo, or anything else inappropriate on their phones. If any student was found with any inappropriate image afterwards, he or she would be arrested and face criminal charges for the distribution of child porn. Okay, great. However, why punish an entire school for the act of one? That one? The girl herself! She took the naked picture of herself and sent it to another student. Let’s see, Junior High (that’s old school for middle school, and I’m old …. school) boys with a picture of a naked girl, armed with the technology to share it with the masses (unlike the old days,  having to gather his buddies into his father’s toolshed like college kids piling into  Volkswagen, to do what boys do when they discover dad’s Playboy magazines. Somehow, that’s a rite of passage; this is a criminal case. I’m going out on a limb here and saying the only guilty party here is the girl herself. Or perhaps her parents for possibly not telling her there’d be repurcutions of such actions.  Ah, what the heck, let’s lump that one friend into the blame pool as well.  But then, at that age, one hasn’t really been in the world long enough to wisely call someone  a friend. So, should the pictures be removed? Yes. Out of repsect for the girl and for the assumption it was just a silly mistake. Will they be removed?Probably some, but not all. They’ve probably already been uploaded to home computers and encrypted and otherwise tucked safely under lock and key.  And if there was no face or other incriminating details in this picture, then I say just let it go. It’ll be forgotten as soon as the next nudie shot surfaces. There, I’ve said my piece.

So, tomorrow is Doomsday. Yeah, that just figures. After so many years of waiting, I finally  have real garden and as of yesterday I have CORN growing…Damn it!  Still waiting on the new tomato seeds I had to plant to sprout, but I also have squash, poppies, red basil, thyme, oregano, peppers (I think it’s the peppers) all doing very well. Alas.

Over to American Idol now; over 95 million votes, more than 15 million more than last year’s Top 3 vote decided last night’s elimination. And come on, what was with that crown in Haley’s hair? Barf-a-roni! The first half hour plus was devoted to the homecomings and some performances by a young Italian trio, Il Volo, who really sounded fantastic, and Nicole Scherzinger with 50 Cent debuting her new single. Il Volo far surpassed the Pussycat Doll. And Scotty had me all misty-eyed with his homecoming segment.

Here we go, the first person staying for next week’s finale is…. SCOTTYPANTS! And LAUREN is his competition! And oh man, if looks could kill. Haley is not amused. Commander!!!!!!  I wouldn’t be surprised if her camp demanded a recount. There must be hanging chad somewhere. There IS a God!


On the One Life to Live front: It’s been reported that Robin Strasser, aka. Dorian Lord will bow out of the show at sometime before it (allegedly) ends in January. According to her tweet, she will be undergoing back surgery. She also has an out clause in her contract. That’s really distressing, A) because of such a health issue, and B) because she is the quintessential “bitch”. I always felt Alexis Carrington was modeled after Dorian Lord.

A quick update from an article I read this morning: Adverstisers were largely impressed with the Upfronts, giving enthusiastic  nods to NBC and CBS for their presentations of new shows for the coming season, liking the fact they are appealing to a somewhat older demographic, which the advertisers are looking for and they deemed ABC down and dirty, providing little insight for their new line up and saying what they are looking to sell is aimed at the younger set. 

But our battle rages on with emails and phone calls to ABC executives, advertisers, marketing agencies. We’re not going down without a fight.  Oh, and hey, God….if you’re reading this…..

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