Still Here

The Rapture came and went and the only indication we had to prove Harold Camping’s prediction may have had any credibility was the splendiferous sunny day we had on Saturday; the one day in so many, including yesterday and even this morning, which were nothing but dismal, gray and rainy. Well, at least the garden is getting watered.

But, as glorious as Saturday was, Ariel and I once again proved our powers are infallible. We decided to go to New Hope for a pre-birthday outing. We were going to meet up with a friend of ours but a prior commitment had him otherwise engaged. And while we sat, swapping stories with the bartender and the only other patron in the place, the rains came. Only for a little while, but enough to reassure us we still had the gift. We then had a nice leisurely dinner, returned home for a quick change of clothes and headed out to while away the remainder of The Rapture at a club where another friend was tending bar.

Yesterday was a lazy day, thanks in part to the previous night and to the dreary weather, but we got done the things we needed to do like getting our camping gear in order for our upcoming first trip of the season. And, to bring things full circle, and to prove once again we are masters at what we profess…..

Of course it is only Monday, so we’ll see how that situation progresses. And it’s evident the Rapture period has ended. I woke up to the realization I have dentist appointment this morning.

And of course the soap war continues, and though it was a busy weekend, I did what I could with sending out letters of protest. And once again, here are the links. (Guy, is that you I see among the petition signatures?… if it is, pass the link on! If not, pass it on anyway.)


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