Calling All Hands

I was in touch last night with one of the moderators, Kymba, from one of the Facebook groups I belong to, Save AMC & OLTL. Each day they post the information for different people from various places; advertisers, ad agencies, ABC/Disney people, etc. to contact, trying to get these people on our side.

Yesterday’s “task” was to email an arm’s length worth of ABC affiliates across the country and there was a scripted message to include in the email. I usually use my own words, but after reading through the script, it seemed like it might do the trick. Out of I don’t even know how many email addresses were in that list, I immediately got back about eight “out of office” replies. A few were sympathetic to our cause in that they knew they were on the verge of losing viewership should the soaps go off the air. One even sent me (and most likely everyone else but because it was addressed to me personally, I felt like it was to only me) a link to Disney contacts he suggested we try contacting, kind of like going straight to the heart of the matter. One also commented how my email was a verbatim carbon copy of the mass that he’d already received and that got me thinking that perhaps I should have used my own words as I have been. And this morning, Kymba addresses that very point in her blog, to use the script as a guide and make it our own.

So, with her permission, I am linking hers with mine so that those of you out there not on Facebook, can still lend a hand. Whatever you opinion is on the “soap opera”, remember, it’s still someone’s job on the line, not to mention someone’s entertainment. We might be fighting to save “just a soap opera” but in light of what’s taking its place and what is slowly taking over the landscape of television; cheap reality shows and cookie cutter shows that can be found on any other channel at anytime of the day, we might also be making a point that we television viewers want something of quality to relax in front of for a few hours during the day.

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