Back to work today. We had our first camping trip of the season and it’s both comforting and aggravating to know we haven’t lost our touch. I’m talking about the rain factor. We arrived a little later than we normally like to on Friday but got down to work right away setting up camp. This time around we had some friends joining us and had two other tents to set up. Which means, jumping ahead to the conclusion of the weekend, taking down three soaked tents, all the tarps both on the ground and used as awnings…it would be easier to say the only things not wet were what were inside the truck.

It rained all three nights from Friday to Sunday, but the days were sunny and warm. Of course with the dampness came the mosquitoes that were rather enjoying their fresh feast, even through the layers of bug spray. The meek shall inherit the earth? Quite possibly. And there was that one snail, or I guess slug (no shell) that bit my leg. The last rain was Sunday night that started around 2am or so and relentlessly continued for the next several hours. I’d say around 6 it ended and we finally got some sleep, a welcome change from taking turns jumping up and down every few minutes to push off the belly of water that kept collection on the rainfly which caused the teeniest yet most torturous drip right over our heads.

The capper of the weekend was that after we’d loaded up the truck and were drenched with sweat and collected muddy waters, the truck wouldn’t start until we finally found someone to give us a jump start.

This morning I remembered suddenly upon waking we never put up one of the tents to dry out so I took care of that, folded up the air mattresses and sleeping bags that were drying out over night. I put up the last tent on the patio and so it wouldn’t retreat and nest itself only to get squished when I rolled up the tent later, I tried to move a rather large slug trailing along the pavers. How was I to know it would leave an almost impossible coating of slime on me? It finally took a toothbrush and some Avon Skin So Soft to get it off.

Now all I have to do is wait for that phantom vertigo to kick in, that feeling of falling forward in my desk chair, a residual of spending the weekend on the side of mountain, where you literally go uphill no matter where you’re going or where you are coming from.

All in all, seeing everyone again, catching up since last September, sharing a few beers, and few more, and whatever else was available,  made all the discomfort worth it.


I was pretty much out of the loop, technologically speaking, having very limited and intermittent internet access so I need to catch up on the status of the soap war. I’m assuming the situation is status quo so:


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