One Man’s Lawn…

…Is this man’s garden. I swear. The more I think about it, the more I’m starting to think the soil brought in to fill my garden beds was dug up from someone’s lawn. You’ve seen pictures of my garden beds, at least I hope you have. If you haven’t, first of all, shame on you, and secondly, click on House Construction under the “categories” tab there in the right hand margin and scroll through. Anyway, yesterday morning marked the third day in a row I spent pulling weeds. Well, weeds is a subjective term and while there are what would classify as that, most of what I pulled was grass. And this wasn’t the first time, but with the rains we’ve had recently, it’s all shot up so quickly.

Now that I’ve done that, the garden looks alarmingly sparse, thanks to the bounty of tomato and pepper plants that died from shock when I first put them out there. I’ve since reseeded and the new tomato plants are about 4 inches high already. I think there is still time to start some seeds so we’ll get some other stuff to put in the dead zone and really get my garden hoppin’.

Looking into my crystal ball, I can see a coupla steaks cooking on the grill later on tonight, with some onions and mushrooms steamed up in a foil pouch to go on top of them. Maybe I should put some A1 on my shopping list, or at least some Worcestersistershire sauce. How about a side of crinkle cut fries? Wash it all down with an ice cold beer. Come on five o’clock. Would I be pushing my luck if I tried to plan for a fire as well?

The Casey Anthony trial was circus  yesterday and the only thing I was wishing for while Yuri  Melich was on the stand, and the courtroom heard a tape of his interrogation of Casey that the camera would have panned to her, to get her reaction. The one thing I find so interesting is how during the video presentations of phone conversations in the jail with her brother and her mother and father (that made up the last few hours of the day) is her reaction to the suggestions of different people they might enlist for help (speaking in the timeline as the evidence is being brought forward). The ones who have no bearing whatsoever, like a schoolmate from junior high (there I go again…er, middle school) was actually brought to the witness stand. People she knew later in life, she conveniently forgot their last names and the imaginary people, like the nanny, have full-blown histories. And not only that, their families have full-blown histories.  Now, the defense wants to bring in a professional on human emotions to testify on how different people react to death and dying, precipitated by how Casey has been accused of being unfeeling when her daughter’s remains were found. Of course, when you’re that calculating, you don’t have time for emotion.

Got a nice relaxing weekend ahead. A matinee tomorrow, followed by a possible overnight visit by some friends and a movie on Sunday.


Okay, one more before the weekend gets here:

Thank you, Jamey Giddens!





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One Response to “One Man’s Lawn…”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Interesting spot about One Life to Live doing well with ratings. Ha! Well, it ain’t over ’til … it’s over, I guess … We’ll see what happens.

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