Brian, Brian Quite…..

I thought I was gonna be back up yesterday, but while I sat with my laptop on Tuesday night trying to shake the cobwebs from my head, nothing came to me to write about. I thought of writing about my garden but I thought it would be better if I had some visual aids. And it just so happens, now I do.

Meanwhile, I’ve just been having a blogging dry spell, but I’ve been here (and there) doing what I do on a daily basis; work, eat, sleep, rinse, repeat. And I’ve still been doing what I can as far as the fight to save the soaps goes. We (my Facebook groups) have changed our focus to  romancing other networks to buy the shows and urging the powers that be at ABC to sell them.

I’ve also been completely consumed with the Casey Anthony trial. At 9am, the live feed goes on and I keep it going until the judge calls recess for the night. Somewhere between noon and 1:30, while the court is out to lunch, I take mine, but make sure I’m back to work by the time they come back. Even last Friday, I went to pick up some Delmonico steaks to grill for dinner and while I was out, I had the website going on my phone and was listening (and watching when I could) through my bluetooth.

I feel like I’m starting to ramble…gosh, that’s a good feeling so while I am, let me show you this video. It’s the Shaggs. We saw this Off-Broadway show over last weekend and found out later it was based on a true story. The band consisted of the Wiggins sisters, Dorothy, Betty and Helen. Later Rachel joined, but the show concentrated on the first three. Austin Wiggin, their father formed the band on the belief that his mother saw their rise to fame. They released one album, Philosophy of The World, but failed to gain national notoriety. They remained a locally popular attraction in and around their native Fremont, New Hampshire until their father passed away in 1975 and they disbanded.

So, here is some of my garden, finally!


I looked, but couldn’t find  a word that meant contrary and rhymed with Brian.  Looking from the patio to the back,  we have Nasturtiums (you can also see some mint leaves–those are plants), just beyond that are poppies (3 rows). Then you’ll see straws and little paper cups.  Well, the straws were the original markers we used where we put the seedlings I started in the house but died of shock when we transplanted them. I should take them out, but now they’re kind of like tombstones. And that would be disrespectful. Or perhaps hopeful that something might eventually pop up there.  The paper cups are because I started new seeds but to keep confusing down as to what is and what isn’t weeds, I figured it would be easier to tell what needed to go. This set of cups is for wax beans. In the center, which you can also see in the second picture are sunflowers and squash. You might also be able to see basil, red and green.  From the other picture, you can see my corn and in the cups are new seeds I’ve recently started and they are starting to grow.


Mirroring the other bed, we have mint, Nasturtiums and poppies.  You won’t be able to see it, but there is one of my original pepper plants that survived the transplant.  Also in the center are sunflowers, squash, tarragon and red basil. Looking from the opposite end are the new batch of tomatoes, both beefsteak and cherries (again in the paper cups) and the empty paper cups will hopefully turn into a new batch of pepper plants. So, there you go. As the season goes on, I’ll post more progress pics.

And I’m just sayin’… when I was in school, we had hot days and didn’t get sent home like many schools in NJ are planning on doing today, as they did yesterday.




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One Response to “Brian, Brian Quite…..”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I remember we went through hot school days where we were allowed/encouraged to bring in water bottles for the day. You know, that was special because normally you were not allowed to have anything but books and pencils! We did not have air conditioning in our part of the building so that was their fix – let the kids have water. And school went on …

    And those Shaggs .. hm … I was kind of bebopping along to the music at first, and then the singing started … ??? It was like she was in another room singing a totally different song to a totally different beat. Ouch. Good for them, though, learning to play instruments and such 🙂

    Lovely garden. I wish you continued success! Or … more success!

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