What’s Up, Chuck?

Another relaxing weekend, well one with little or no fuss. It was a friend’s birthday and we surprised him with a cake and balloons in our “Rapture” finery. Since the Rapture was a bust, we held over our outfits for another occasion. Simple outfits, but nonetheless effective; big floppy flowered fisherman bucket hats and Playtex living gloves (in various colors)–a statement in simplicity. We came back home, grilled up some beef and had dinner.

Yesterday, we went to the movies to see Super 8. Was supposed to be a matinee (11:50am) but they charged me full price….$18 for two tickets!! WTF! But it wasn’t a bad little picture and in case you’re thinking of seeing it, I’m going to give a quick synopsis. A group of young friends were shooting a zombie movie and in the middle of the night, after having sneaked out of their beds, began shooting on the platform of the train station in Lillian, Ohio when a speeding train derailed in front of them thanks to an errant pickup truck driving head on into it along the tracks. Good premise and full of promise, but for me, when it turned into an alien sci-fi story, I was a bit turned off and bored. Alright, I won’t tell the end…. But I was kind of sucked into one of the kids’ performance, the girl who played Alice, the only girl in the group. As memory serves from my youth, the boys in the film did a good job portraying that awkward goofy age and Alice seemed a little more mature, a little more responsible and the acting was fantastic. It wasn’t until more than halfway through, from a certain angel, I realized it was Dakota Fanning’s sister, Elle. And I was glad of not having realized it until later in the picture otherwise I would have been on the lookout from the start, full of expectation. All in all though, I gave it a 6. And Ariel had an observation; similar to the show we saw last week, The Shaggs, where the non-Shagg singing was very good as opposed to when The Shaggs were “performing” the acting was good in the movie, but the movie the kids were shooting was, well, a terrible performance. So, kudos for that.

And an observation I’ve made over the last several weeks, either watch television shows or movies the new trend is to have at least one character, at some point, throw up…violently.

Then it was off to lunch at the Olive Garden, and Home Depot for some garden supplies including a new sprinkler and with this one, it’s all we need. It reaches both wide ends of the beds and is easy to adjust to keep from splashing against the house and the fence. The yellow flowers and the parsley were puchased yesterday because the parsley we planted never grew and sadly, I think my new pepper plants aren’t going to grow either, but I still have that one surviving one from the 18 seedlings I started indoors.

So, being a busy weekend, I wasn’t able to keep up as steadfastly with the tasks at hand in the battle to save the soaps, but just as I was writing this opened the Help Save Our Soaps site and sent out a mass mailing to the latest list of Disney email addresses. And within 3 minutes I’ve already gotten 2 “out of office” responses. They’ve probably got everything turned off so they don’t have to deal with us anymore. But, we’re not going anywhere.


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