I just can’t believe how intrigued I am with the Casey Anthony trial. Well, I guess it’s because I’m able to cheer for the side of my choice while I’m watching from a safe distance and not from the juror’s box. Holy cow, that few minutes I sat there before I was excused while the attorneys were assembling a jury for their case the last time I was called for jury duty was quite enough. I can’t imagine being sequestered and spending day after day–how many is it now, 25?–of constant starts and stops, listening to indecisive witnesses and the juvenile bickering between the attorneys. The defense had quite ineffective witnesses yesterday; one woman and alleged expert in botany and forensic botany who more or less let the lawyers lead her around, answering with “if you say so” and “I don’t know” to a chemist who acted more like the prosecution’s witness being very evasive and “ignorant” to the defense attorney. Then the prosecution dropped a bombshell that a fellow inmante of Casey Anthony had a similar story in that her own child drowned in the family swimming pool and the grandfather found him and the prosecution is saying this is yet another fabricated story (where Anthony is concerned) in an attempt at a cover up.

So, Wicked was fantastic. I admit it, though you’ve probably gathered it after all this time that I’m an entertainment snob–I like to get my money and my time’s worth out of an event–and I gave my stamp of approval to the performance we saw on Saturday. Of course, no cast can ever compare to Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel and sadly I have to say, the time we saw it with my niece and her then fiancé, it was a little lackluster. It seemed very rushed and almost like there were scenes edited out. The show and the two leads from this weekend, Teal Wicks (Elphaba) and Katie Rose Clarke (Glinda) were a viable and convincing duo. Yes, some of the songs seemed rushed and a bit of the dialog was unclear (which might be due to the sound system) but all in all, it was a great performance. Lemons and limes and pears, oh my!

Afterwards, we went to Firebird, which is a Russian restaurant. That would explain the Tchaikovsky overture that played on their website. Hilarity ensued when we first arrived when I walked into a chair and nearly tripped. Thankfully no one was sitting in it. I won’t even try to remember the names of the foods we had, though I know I couldn’t go wrong with lamb. While we ate, we were entertained by a group of Russian musicians, youngsters who were quite versed on the Domra, accompanied by their teacher on the piano. A nice surprise and real treat. Then, came time for dessert and I had the Bananas Forster and look, I managed to get a picture of my bananas flaming up.


Okay, here we go. Ready? Guess what this means?

On top of that, now I have wasps living in the outlet cover that’s right by the garden and I suspect they’re also nesting between the front and back panels of the fencing, but that won’t last much longer. The exterminator is coming today. I thought I would try to spray the outlet with some wasp killer, but the bout I had with the bees hiding in the ground under a plank of wood, courtesy my lawn service people, taught me that leaving the extermination to the pros is the wiser choice.

I heard the word “corker”  on television last night and it made me think of a song I knew from a long time ago, one of those clapping songs I  used to play with a cousin of mine: My girl’s a corker, she’s a New Yorker, I buy her everything to keep her in sight….”

Final note: Flags being flown at half staff for saxophonist Clarence Clemens tomorrow? Really?


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