Going Global!

Wasp crisis averted, but it was rather anti-climatic. Here I was expecting the guy to come in, get all suited up in his beekeeper garb. But, no, regular uniform, armed with only his dusting bulb. He squirted the dust up into the outlet cover, a few wasps flew out, he lifted the cover and more wasps flew out. The nest inside was just about the size of the interior of the outlet. He knocked it out, stomped on it, dusted the other outlets and that was that.

I need a Coke Zero. Maybe with some leftover cold spaghetti. Not exactly the breakfast of champions, is it?

Okay, so we had Grandma’s two chairs reupholstered; the blue bucket chair she always hated and the one with the flower pattern and matching hassock that was completely falling apart. We’ve had them here, waiting to be recovered since Grandma left us but it took us all this time to get with it. Of course all the redecorating (does moving furniture from room to room constitute redecorating?) precipitated having them done. What I can’t believe is that I carried them downstairs myself from what is formerly known as the Blue Room. That’s the room we keep barricaded since the attic exploded into it. The chairs were supposed to take 3 weeks, but it really took about a month and a half.




Okay, a couple of One Life to Live items. First, here is the past week’s ratings:

This is a blurb I found through surfing through Kymba’s blog, Help Save Our Soaps (link below). It’s a rather hopeful ray of light.

Another ray of light is this article. Click here:  But then I see a posting that ABC is waiting for another company to make an offer so there can be a bidding war.

And finally, The Globe newspaper is doing a feature story on the efforts of the fans trying to save the show and the Facebook groups have organized GOING GLOBAL DAY for Friday, when the issue with their article comes out. So, we finally have some media coverage to go along with Hoover’s decision to pull their ads on ABC because of the cancellations. So, if you would, please buy a copy of this issue (and maybe sign up for a subscription?) to show our appreciation. And remember, I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, right now it’s about One Life to Live and All My Children, and soon it could be your soap, or any other scripted television show you might watch the networks deem unimportant in favor of cheaper talk or reality shows. The time to fight back is now before it really is too late. This is the cover you should be looking for:


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