A Dollop, A Tarp and A Bruise

You know the best way to have a meal at camp? Have a friend join you. And how do you choose which friend? The one that just happens to have the ingredient for the dish you’re making that you forgot to pack. I’m just kidding, but it just so happens that Tim was our guest and he did have sour cream on hand for Ariel’s attempt at replicating the beef stroganoff we had last weekend at that Russian restaurant. Otherwise we would have just sat with beef over noodles, but as long as you’re sharing it with a good friend, it’s all good. And for the record, the stroganoff was a hit.

So, the weather forecast I posted earlier last week for the camping trip quite nicely petered out. Well, except for Friday. But we were half smart…finally. First of all, we left home later than we normally like to; the sky was indeed looking uncooperative and one of us, though I won’t mention who, but his first initial rhymes with a “B” was in a funk because he was frustrated about yet having to camp in the rain. But, nonetheless, we took off. We thought we’d try to save ourselves the hassle of having to put up camp all over again when we got home and put a tarp over the tent and we got a new, obnoxiously large one for over the kitchen area. We just put up the one for over the tent and the skies opened, so we sat under it with a beer until the rain stopped so we could get the rest of camp put up. The one over the kitchen was probably three times the size we actually needed but with lots of rope and extending poles, we got it secured. We left that one in good hands to be given to anyone who might need a tarp large enough to cover the entire 325 or so acres of the campground and we’ll get one more suited to the space it will cover. The upshot of all of it, our stuff stayed dry even though we did have a few sprinkle squalls go by periodically all weekend.

Remember, you gotta bruise it to taste it.

CDHB–(countdown has begun!)–including today, I have 5 more days until summer vacation. No Ptown again this year (I have my lovely patio/garden to enjoy) but we’ve got some things planned to do including a couple of doctor visits. “What I did on my summer vacation”… I went to the doctor. But the doctor is in New York and early in the morning, so you know hilarity will end up ensuing once we’re done there, including cashing in on one of our courtesy free nights at the Tutu Center. (You remember… the naked man in our bed story). For those of you new to my blog you should check out that story, starting with part one.

When I thought I would sit with some live stream of the Casey Anthony trial on Saturday morning with some coffee under my larger than life tarp, I discovered that Judge Belvin Perry recessed the proceedings due to a legal issue that had both sides (defense and prosecution) in his chambers since the beginning the day until he recessed about an hour or so later for the entire day, leaving news sources in a frenzy of speculation as to the reason. I have to admit, I’m on the edge of my seat until the trial gets underway this morning.

And on the soap opera front, I have to admit, with being on my camping trip, I wasn’t as “tuned” in to my tasks as I otherwise would have been but I did happen to be briefly introduced (at camp, of all places) to a member of the 2011 Daytime Emmy award winning writing team for Young & Restless who dissed One Life to Live when I asked him what his thoughts were on trying to save it. Of course he wouldn’t care, it’s not his show. I congratulated him, nonetheless.


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