As Seen On TV

You know those Aqua Globes they advertise on television to water your houseplants? Well, we were in Home Depot a week or so ago and there they were, right at the entrance to the garden center. Wanna try them? Sure. So we brought a set home, filled one of them with water, dug a hole with the handle of a wooden spoon–the first instruction is to make a hole in the dirt so there is no excess pushing on the glass and inserted it into the philodendron. That’s a lie actually. The first instruction is to wear heavy gloves in case of breakage. Whoosh, the water emptied within a day. Refilled it, and whoosh, the water was gone again. So, I gave the plant a good watering and then stuck the Aqua Globe in again and so far, the water is emptying nice and slowly. Now all our potted plants have one. And I know for sure it’s working because the Shamrock plants, the Oxalis regnelli, that usually start to droop after about 3 days after watering have stayed perky since it got its Aqua Globe. So, so far, check on that item.

Next, we considered this:

We considered it so much we got 3 sets. Well, we ordered them, they haven’t come in yet. The only qualm I had (and I think this is the first time I’ve ever used the word “qualm” in my blog) is the one flat end. But I suppose, in the end, when you consider how sometimes we can’t always follow Mama Shirley’s advice when it comes to hard boiling eggs and we most often have to work with fresh eggs (older eggs peel easier) the time and aggravation saved will be worth a flat bottom.

Okay, on to my requisite soap news: Erin Torpey, who originated the role of Jessica Buchanan, is returning to One Life to Live, but as another character. Bree Williamson took over the role and I think it’s decidedly obvious, it’s her role now. Kind of like seeing someone else other than Erika Slezak in the role of Viki, it just wouldn’t work. Nothing else is being said about Torpey’s return, or her character but I’m seeing a lot of hating on Bree Williamson, which I don’t understand. So, that prompted me to look for something else and I came across some ratings figures for the month of June so far. For the first three weeks of this month, One Life to Live has maintained the lead amid the three ABC soaps with an average of 2.5 million viewers. All My Children maintained second place with an average of 2.3 and General Hospital, the one that Brian Frons claims to be the strongest of the three with 2.2, increasing in the 3rd week to 2.3.


Now, All My Children is slated to go off the air in September and One Life to Live in January. Some reports are saying that depending on how well or not its replacement show, The Chew, does, that ABC may change its mind and keep One Life to Live if The Chew tanks. Of course that’s just speculation at the moment and another ray of hope.

So, and I don’t want to beg, but come on, readers of my blog, tune in from time to time (if you already are…thanks), pass the word around. Let’s get the viewership numbers up. Please?


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