It’s A Rose

Well, here I am, back from my vacation, which was not, as I/we were oft reminded of with a sarcastic bent, Provincetown, the place we deemed our vacation spot for 22 years running. But because of the expense of the house construction, we could not justify the hefty price tag of that same vacation. And that was fine. We put on our big boy pants and dealt with it. And it was actually nice to do smaller things throughout the week; to have the house be finished and to be able to enjoy it. But we will return there one day.

So, I tried to figure how to best capture my vacation for the first blog in, whew, how many days? This is what I came up with.

Diappointment of the week: I spent most of it sick, having come down with a bug on the Tuesday before my vacation started and not feeling more like myself until this past Thursday. When I wasn’t hacking up a lung or trying to keep the cinder block that closely resembled my head from falling off my shoulders, I was sleeping (when I wasn’t working; thank God Friday afternoon came when it did). But, we honored our reservations down the shore for the Fourth of July holiday and though I wasn’t up to snuff, we had as good a time as we allowed ourselves, dodging the barbs of how it wasn’t Provincetown, by our usual Cape-bound traveling companion  who was to meet us in Asbury Park, but even that turned into a convoluted hodgepodge of WTF’s, like it was our fault he didn’t go to Cape Cod, this year or last. Whatever! One night,  in the club, when my way was barred to get to the men’s room by someone I tried to pass told me to go walk behind him instead, I told him he was an a$$hole and went about my business. But we saw a great fireworks display right from the ocean view terrace of out hotel room.

Shock of the week: the verdict of the Casey Anthony trial. Really? I think these high-profile cases that are made available for the American public to witness, should be voted on by the American public along the order of American Idol. I think America would have gotten this one right!

Excursion of the week: With my cold, or whatever it was winding down, we took my mother to The Sands in Bethlehem, PA for a little gambling and some lunch. It was a lucrative day for her; she cashed out about two-hundred dollars (from playing the penny slots) and between Ariel and me, we were down only about a hundred and thirty. Only?

Humorous moment of the week–Part 1: Friday we had our dermatologist appointments in the city and we figured we’d make a day of it; see the doctor, meet up with Purdy for lunch and then head out to finish off the night in our new favorite haunt. I got into the examination room and changed into my gown and the doctor along with his two interns, a young man and young woman blustered into the room and he began to check me out, quizzing each of them on different things he pointed out. He pointed to my chest and with a serious tone, asked the guy “what’s this?”  The intern had a quizzical look on his face and was silent for several seconds, not knowing what to say and I began to wonder what it was they were looking at. Finally, the doctor spoke up and said, “It’s a rose. It’s not that hard of a question!” and then he leaned into me and said, “I’m just f*cking with him”. He then proceed to check me out, front and back, grabbing here, tugging there. It’s bad enough when one person is in charge, but it’s disarming when he brings his own audience. Well, I went away with a clean bill of health!

Humorous moment of the week–Part 2: What was nice about our lunch date after the doctor was that Purdy had taken off the rest of the day from work and we hopped around from bar to bar until he needed to go home and we would later head out to our final destination, knowing we’d have to behave because we had a surprise birthday party to get to by noon sharp. We went back to our room to chill for a while, back to the  Desmond Tutu. This was one our two free complimentary nights from that infamous incident back in March and this time was a splendid stay. We even got a complimentary bottle of wine and a hand-written note from the manager. Well, our nightcap adventure never did materialize because we were zonked from our bar tour throughout the afternoon. We woke up the next morning, ready to shower and jump into our birthday suits (no, the clothes we brought for the party) and upon looking at the directions on the invitation, we discovered it was not until yesterday. Somehow we completely got our wires crossed. We gained and lost a day. We had made plans for yesterday, which we had to cancel so we could attend the party.

Most Provincetown-like moment of the week: After we got home Saturday from our faux pas with the birthday party, we went to Joe’s Crab Shack and we had our customary summer vacation lobsters. In Provincetown, we have to have at least one lobster and at Joe’s Crab Shack, the Beantown Bake gave us each TWO 1-1/4 pound lobsters, clams, shrimp, a link of smoked sausage, boiled potatoes and an ear of corn and all at a bargain price, comparatively speaking to the Lobster Pot on Commercial Street.

And lastly (the crowd roars!), the Good News moment of the week: Looks like One Life to Live and All My Children have been saved by a production company called Prospect Park and they will run online after their last airdates on television. There’s been a lot of concern about this and a lot of infighting in the Facebook groups and so I’m not linking anything today until it gets sorted out.

And that my dear friends was how I spent my vacation. The End.


One Response to “It’s A Rose”

  1. Melissa Says:

    That is some story about the doctor! At first I laughed heartily. But I am a little surprised at his use of foul language. Wouldn’t you say that it is unprofessional? Oh well .. maybe that’s the East Coast for you ?? Maybe that’s just how he is. Either way, if you feel safe in his hands, then it’s okay with me.

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