Who’s In The Kitchen With Brian

We thought it might be fun and advantageous to use up some of the bounty of summer squash growing in the garden and decided to make bread. I found a basic recipe and we doctored it up with different flavors. We had a plain (flavored only with cinnamon and nutmeg); a mandarin/cranberry; a walnut/raisin with a splash of molasses and a poppyseed/lemon.

They took longer to bake than anticipated. That was my fault; I should have known better. I should have split the batter into two batches each and made eight loaves instead of four, but that’s all hindsight now. It didn’t look like a near disaster would ensue or that the breads would go on seeming like they’d never finish baking.

After the initial time period and they were still like soup in the loaf pans, back in they went and again and again. So, while they baked, I went in the other room and began flipping through the TV channels. I heard the chime sound indicating the over had once again reached the set temperature after the door had been open for a few minutes while I was checking on the breads and for some reason, I thought it might be beneficial to increase the baking time and adjust the timer.

My guardian angel was on overtime because when I reached the kitchen, I saw  the oven was on fire. The batter of one of my loaves had bubbled out and landed on the heating coil and went up in flames. Thankfully in short order the fire was extinguished and after the shock was over, I closed the oven door to let baking resume and reset the timer. When those 20 minutes passed, I checked on my breads, but realized I never relit the oven after I shut if off to take care of the fire. I reset the temperature, reset the timer, continued fanning out the house.

Then the “what if’s” began…what if I hadn’t gone to check the timer, what if we had gone back outside to the patio with our coffee….

Finally my breads were baked and quite tasty, but now I know, this deceivingly innocent batter means business once it gets cooking.


One Response to “Who’s In The Kitchen With Brian”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Wow! What a story! What a pain in the butt! Ha! But look at those breads! They just look lovely … after surviving multiple trips into the oven and even a fire! AND they were tasty?? That’s awesome! Great work.

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