My Weekend In Pictures

I feel so truant with my blog these days. I think the horrendous heatwave we’ve been suffering has gotten the better of me. But I have been finding time for some fun things, even though I haven’t been very blog creative. I have, however, been being creative in the kitchen, putting to use some of my garden bounty. Still, no tomatoes; they’re not ripe yet, but the plants are growing out of control and it’s beginning to look like a game of Cat’s Cradle the way I have to keep tying them back.

But this was a nice quiet weekend, albeit a hot and lazy one. Friday night we made pizzas from scratch; a pepperoni mushroom one and a margarita pie.  I made the dough and doctored up the leftover sauce I’d made earlier in the week with some extra basil and parsley from the garden. When the tomatoes are ready, we’ll make more pizzas. Then on Sunday, after discovering what yummy French toast our summer squash bread makes, we deflowered the mint. That, too, is spreading like mad and I thought, oh, sure, let’s make mint jelly and I got three jars out of it. I wasn’t planning on having that many jars or of “putting them up” and I didn’t have any empty canning jars (or lids) to make it official, but had these empty jars on hand and went through the regular canning steps to ensure a good clean product and the best thing…while we watched a movie in the other room, one after the other, the jar lids popped creating the vacuum we never expected to happen with these jars. Now all I need a supply of lamb chops and I’ll be a happy boy.

So, here are some pics of my kitchen at work this weekend.


Margarita before and after


Pepperoni Mushroom before and after

Three jars of mint jelly


One Response to “My Weekend In Pictures”

  1. Mario J. Ciacchi Says:

    Yummy Pics….wish I was having some…

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