Egg On My Face

Man, you turn your back on an egg for, what was it?, a half a minute?…  Sheesh! But, I’m eating it anyway. I’m hungry and had to have something before my Diovan gets me all lightheaded.

But it’s been that kind of morning. Got up late this morning. Well, later than my normal late, and I wanted to get outside to once again tie up my tomato plants. Now they’re secure to the fence. I’m confident the fence weighs more than the plants so the risk of a cave in is at a minimum. And I also had to change (ewww, I just got a piece of burnt egg!) the battery in the electronic timer for the sprinklers for the garden. I’m hoping that’s all the problem is. The other night, when we got home from Yonathan’s christening, the sprinkler was still running, three hours after it was set to shut off and then when it was due to come on, it wouldn’t.

They’re about to fly the coop, but I finally got a shot of Mama Robin and her babies in the nest right outside my kitchen window. (Egg…blech! I’m thinking dizziness is preferable to burnt egg. Damn blood pressure!) Every time I saw her out there in the nest with them and came to the window with the camera, she’d side eye me and take off, leaving her poor defenseless scraggly robinettes squawking helplessly. If you look real close, you can make out the second one under mama’s wing.

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