Glorious Morning

Well, we’re back from yet another successful camping trip. And I mean successful in the sense of having the obligatory rain event which came this time in the form of a tornado.  Not that we were in its direct path, or that it was even that at all, but several people said a tornado watch was issued for Susquehanna County for around the time that storm hit. Man alive. But at least this time we go the tarps and the tent up but we sat for more than an hour of rain that at times actually was “falling” upwards before we could put our lights up and get the rest of camp set up.

Even before the rain the weekend got off to a rip roaring start; I stepped on a ground bee’s nest and got stung. I didn’t realize it was a bee a first, all I knew was that something bit me and it felt like a bone had snapped in my ankle. It was then we saw the bee activity around the base of a tree near where we parked. The mosquitoes were also in abundance and we both have constellations of bites to prove it, although some of mine look more like poison ivy, but I know for a fact “those” areas were no where near where any poison ivy would have been. Does poison ivy fly? And then the weekend ended in an equally Murphy-esque note when Ariel accidentally stepped on that bee’s nest and got stung, also on his ankle, while were packing up to come home. Yes, a lovely weekend was had by all. 

But we arrived home and were greeted by:


…and another four squash. I don’t have enough spare lumber to fashion a squash stand at the top of my driveway, and making more bread is out of the question right now so what I’m going to do is make a squash parmesan.

From the “just sayin’” office of the irony of television advertising department: Our Eggies arrived in the mail over the weekend and naturally we had to check them out in the middle of unpacking from the camping trip. Included with each 6-pack of Eggies was this warning: Eggies must be coated with oil or cooking spray each time they are used. Ah! That must be what they mean in the commercial when they say, ..  “and the non-stick interior means the eggs slide right out when you’re done.”  But we did get an egg slicer for each set of six. Still and all, I can’t wait to give them a whirl!

And lastly, look! We finally have a blooming Morning Glory.

Have a good morning!


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