Mutiny On The Bounty

Thanks to the new battery in Ariel’s truck, I finally finished my tray of summer squash parm last night. I intended to do it on Monday night and I actually started to fry up my squash when I got the phone call that Ariel was stuck in the Stop & Shop parking lot with a dead battery. So, I went on my rescue mission after shutting everything down and finally got him jumped after about a half hour and by then it was too late to resume cooking. So, last night, right after work I got right down to cooking and without making a dent in the squash supply, I/we made two trays. In the larger one, we layered lasagna noodles throughout and the smaller one, since it didn’t have to cook as long, except to melt the cheese, was without noodles and we had some of that one for dinner along with yesterday’s bounty from the garden:

I got what I wanted, at least one ear of corn from the garden, just to know I would be successful and there are at least 5 more ears in various stages of readiness.  Joy!

Today is Bette Davis day on Turner Classic Movies’ yearly Summer Under The Stars celebration, so you know I’ll be glued to my set. Who, besides me, still says “set” in reference to a television?  Oh man, the other day, I was watching a movie on TCM, starring Ann Blythe, Farley Granger and Natalie Wood called ” Our Very Own” and the Macauly family was getting their first television and the deliverymen actually put it together in the house, from running the wire to the aerial on the roof to even installing the picture tube. I found that fascinating.  Nowadays we’re effortlessly watching TV on our cell phones. 

And things are heating up on One Life to Live. The long-awaited showdown between the two Todd’s has finally begun. Real Todd is back after eight years and claims current Todd is the imposter and vice versa.  Blair, Starr and Téa have confronted him, but we’re all on the edge our seats waiting until Viki comes face to face with real Todd.  Stay tuned!


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