Just In Time For The Weekend

Over there in Kiev, Ukraine’s Environment Minister Mykola Ziochevsky has vowed to free all bears kept as entertainment in restaurants that are often forced to drink alcohol for fun by drunken guests just for laughs.  Captured and tamed bears were used for entertainment in the Russian Empire and the practice turned the animal into a national symbol. But now the practice of their being tortured with vodka has been getting exposure on television and Minister Ziochevsky had declared it inhumane and unacceptable and is currently building a large wildlife sanctuary to liberate approximately 80 bears.

Well someone apparently got word to the bears here on American soil to retaliate, what with the rise of bear attacks.  Well, except the latest one against two young campers who alleged they were injured by a bear who entered their tents, tugged at their sleeping bags and even knocked down one tent. The markings on the two boys, one on his shoulder and the other on his foot were later determined to be older and healing wounds. 

Budweiser (or Budwieser, if you happen to dine at a particular fun Irish Pub in Manhattan) has unveiled a update for their logo:

I like it, but just as long as it doesn’t say New Budweiser and a few months from now the lable would say Budweiser Classic.

Said Coca-Cola President at the time of that debacle, “We did not understand the deep emotions of so many of our customers for Coca-Cola”. If only the powers that be at ABC/Disney subscribed to that same school of thought for their audience when they refused to hear the cries of outraged soap fans. Sorry, had to have another dig!

And, it’s a day early, but Happy 100th Birthday to everyone’s favorite redhead!


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