Shine On, Tegon

Just a quick weather report mention: this past weekend was the big weekend at our campground that everyone waits for all season and we had planned on going up just for the day and we had a room at a nearby Holiday Inn. Illumination was the theme and that’s when each campsite partakes in a friendly competition of lighting up their sites as decoratively as possible (whether thematic, outlandish or elegant as possible) using candlelight in favor of as little electrical power as possible. It rained from the time we arrived at about 12:30 in the afternoon until just before it got dark enough to appreciate everyone’s work. Some sites actually packed it in and left.

Tegon, a South Korean cloned beagle puppy whose DNA has been combined with that of a sea anemone, one with a green fluorescent gene, glows in the dark under UV light when injected with the antibiotic called doxycycline. Under normal circumstances, Tegon’s skin has a yellowish tint to it. South Korean scientists have done this in the hopes of discovering cures for human diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

I had a beagle once that glowed red and that’s because she was imparted with a gene from the devil himself. Still, she was my baby.

Over the weekend I asked a friend of mine, over drinks, while I was chomping on an ice cube if he hated it when someone wanted to tell him something fact based and then didn’t remember the proof to back up the statement; it was the ice cube chomping that reminded me. He said yes, as I suspected he would. I then went on to tell him that I’d read once that people that chew on ice…and then I proceeded to admit that I had already forgotten the reason people chew on ice and that’s why I prefaced my statement with that question. Well, the reason is that pagophagia (ice chewing) is often associated with iron deficiency. Or, in some individuals it’s a sign of stress, OCD or some other developmental disorder.

And the latest garden report is this harvest from yesterday!


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