The Clay Pot

It’s sad really, the days are getting shorter already and it seems to soon for the days to be darkening so early. We’re not even midway through summer yet, not really. It seems from one week to the next the difference was quite pronounced. And sooner than it seemed it should have been, I sensed the days were staying brighter longer into the evenings earlier in the year. I think the earth is shifting somehow on its axis (the longer hours of daylight is coming earlier in the year) which is the reason for all the meteorological confusion we’ve been experience the past few years. That’s the reason for global warming, not the garbage in landfills or the exhaust from the congestion of automobiles; I don’t think either of those would cause the sun to set earlier and earlier, earlier in the summer season. Just sayin’.

When I first heard of the clay pot, I was intrigued, but wasn’t expecting to see a remnant from an ancient civilization hanging on the leaf of one of the sunflowers. But it fascinated me nearly to the point of examining it closely (which equates to holding it in my hands) but something told me I oughtn’t touch it. So, I photographed it instead and then came in to do some online investigation.

In so doing, I killed two birds with one stone which was a better tally than trying to kill one of the most God-awful looking Transformer-like segmented flying things between my thongs. Ack! My flip-flops! Not my Speedos. Yeah, right, the last time I was in a Speedo…. let’s not even go there. It wasn’t pretty then and it’s less pretty some 25 years later. At least I was thinner then and more able to….. HOLD ON, THERE! I’M HEADING DOWN A SLIPPERY SLOPE..

So, it turns out, this nasty looking buzzing flying thing was this:

Wasn’t I right, like it belongs in a Hollywood blockbuster starring Sigourney Weaver? I guess I should get rid of it, but I think I’ll wait until I see it closed up. Right now it’s not doing anybody any harm, and it’s cool to look at.  But because my mint plants have flowered, it’s a haven for every conceivable pollen-hungry flying beast so the trick is to get rid of those. But I just wonder how many more mud nests are laying around out there. 

But I came across this video of a Mud Dauber making a mud nest. I find it so fascinating. Nature is really wonderous.

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