…That’s the longest word in the English language and it refers to a lung disease caused by silica dust.

While trying to figure what to write about today, I came across an article about some Tshirts geared at trying to rehabilitate hardcore neo-Nazi extremists. The shirts were given out at a right-wing concert, emblazoned with the slogan Hardcore Rebels and included a skull and nationalist flag. After their first washing, the shirts read: If your Tshirt can do it, you can do it, too–we’ll help you get away from the neo-Nazi scene”. I guess that’s sort of like those glasses that do a strip tease when they get cold, or coffee cups that show a scene in an otherwise stark black field when they heat up. But that was a rather wordy slogan. Perhaps, as an example, it should have been more to the point with something like, well, like: NJ and You, Perfect Together, which then turns into HA HA HA!

I also read about the Lucille Ball 100th  birthday festival in Jamestown, NY, attended by a record-breaking 915 adoring, look-alike fans, some coming from as far as Australia.

Last night we finally cut into the first beefsteak tomato to come off the assembly line. We waited until half-time during So You Think You Can Dance to make a lettuce and tomato sandwich, with a schmear of mayo and a twist of ground black pepper along with a dash of salt on downy soft Sunbeam bread


It was our “Melanie’s gonna wipe the floor with the other 3 dancers and win season 8 ” beefsteak tomato sandwich. It was the reverse of our usual “get rid of so and so” dish from whichever competition show we happen to be watching; whether it be a homemade slaw, or a 5 minute chocolate cake. We’ll mostly like have the other half tonight for a little extra boost to victory.

That mud nest on the sunflower leaf washed away in the torrential rain we had the other day. Alas. But I did manage to finally get the mint flowers cut off and the bee/wasp/ugly flying transformer-like Daubers are gone.

Here’s a quiz: take a look at this picture and see if you can figure out what plans we have this weekend.

And then just for haha’s…..

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