Perfect Record

Just a short missive about this past weekend. We camped and it started off with a bang, or should I say sting? It was a beautiful sunny day, and right away that should have been an indication something was wrong. I mean, sun and us camping?

After leaving the house a little later than we expected but earlier than we have been lately we figured we’d still make good timing. But passing the house after our customary stop at the deli and Dunkin’ Donuts (cream and sugar?) we saw the mail had been delivered to the house so we did a U-turn and brought in the mail, which included two packages left by the garage door that we took in, opened and inspected and by the time we got on the road, it was later than our more recent late leaving time.

At Dunkin’ Donuts, I ordered a regular coffee, medium, half and half and one Equal. The girl then asked, “Do you want cream and sugar?” and I realized then it was my own stupidity; I had given her too much information at one time. Then for Ariel’s medium iced hazelnut, black, one Equal she handed me the cup telling me what was in it, iced hazelnut, black, no sugar…right?

Then we lost an additional half hour to forty-five minutes in construction traffic before we arrived at camp. Remembering the last run in we had with the in-ground yellowjacket nest, we decided to test the area by tossing rocks at the base of that tree. Sure enough, a swarm emerged. Thinking I had enough space to circumnavigate with the cooler I was carrying while the agitated swarm seemed like it was settling down I got attacked in two places; my knee and my ankle, inside my sneaker. We were off to a great start. But we had brought two cans of industrial strength wasp and bee spray and Ariel emptied one entire can around the area and it may have done the trick, but no one really felt like conducting the rock throwing test again.

The rain held off until after the camp-wide party on Saturday and once again it seemed as though the world was ending for a little over an hour while we all huddled under the tarp. So, to keep track, that’s May/rain…check. June/rain…check. July/rain…check. August (trip one, for the day)/rain…check. August(actual camping)/rain…check.  Perfect record!  

In conclusion, everything is spread out drying in various nooks and crannies around the house, my ankle is still swollen and painful and the itchy area around my knee has spread. And I have to say, Benadryl can be fun.


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