Hey, What’s Shakin’?

Suddenly, out of nowhere, with no warning, I had this sensation like I sometimes feel a day or two after camping, after spending the weekend defying gravity and maintaining an upright position on the side of mountain, a sensation I call phantom vertigo.  I felt like I was leaning forward in my chair and thought how odd, it’s been two weeks since our last camping trip and I wiggled around in my chair, but I had to push off my desk return. For some reason I couldn’t shake that dizzy feeling and it just continued to happen. And just like that, the sensation stopped and without missing a beat, continued with my work. I heard a curious clanking and looked to the side and saw the tilt rod of the blind on my office window swaying, but attributed it to the flow of air from the air conditioning vent directly above it. But I’d never seen it blow like that before, nor had I seen the blind itself move back and forth like it was. I realized then it had to have been an earthquake.

And sure enough, it was. Radiating from the epicenter down in Virginia, the 5.9 or 5.8 (the magnitude reading was different depending on who was telling you) the effects were felt as far north as Toronto. Even Ariel felt it up where he works almost an hour away.

The airport was closed down for a short while; they say it was because they wanted to inspect the runways for any damage, but it’s really because the air traffic controllers were vacated from the control towers. And I started to wonder, yet again, why the landing airplane sequence was left out of the DVD version of the movie Earthquake.

That makes an official count of 2 earthquakes I’ve been in; the first, you may recall, being in Illinois for my niece’s wedding 3 years ago and now this one. That one was a little more intense as I was actually roused from sleep and found myself being tossed around in my 3rd floor hotel bed and remember thinking to myself, “why is Ariel jumping up and down on the bed?” only to realize he was sound asleep in the next bed. Or was I in the next bed? How does one determine which is first and which is next? Counting from the window or from the door? And it’s not like it was a reformatory setting with beds lined up one after the other…

…only to realize he [Ariel] was sound asleep in the other bed.

Of course I just had to chime in with my experience to the biggest news story since Justin Bieber cut his hair. So now I wonder how long before we get a tax bill for this event. Or maybe it will be called a natural phenomenon fee.


2 Responses to “Hey, What’s Shakin’?”

  1. Melissa Says:

    The night before my wedding, I was also awaken (is that right?) by the shaking. Except I didn’t think it was Ariel jumping on the bed (and how odd would that be since I was in my apartment while you’s were at the hotel). I thought it was ghosts or a ghost at the foot of my bed rocking the bed back and forth. Yikes!!! I called my mom, and she confirmed that I wasn’t the only person to feel the shaking … so *phew* no ghost! Still not quite sure how to interpret an earthquake occurring … in IL … the night before my wedding. Hmm … What does it all mean??

    Anyway, I’m just glad that everyone I know and love in NJ and SC is okay!

  2. Melissa Says:

    Oh yes, now you just have to brace yourselves for that hurricane!!

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