The Bare Facts

Have a seat, but bring a towel, or something to put between your behind and the chair. That is if you’re planning visiting the Castro district of San Francisco. In what is described as public health legislation, city Supervisor Scott Wiener introduced a measure to the disrobed denizens of the famously gay neighborhood that would require clothing or some other “barrier” to be used on public seats if nudists are to sit on them. In other words: Go ahead and be naked, but keep it clean. Also, if naked people want to go into restaurants they must cover their genitals, buttocks and anal region. Well, that kind of negates the act of being naked, doesn’t it?

Despite the increasing number of complaints by the growing population of naked men in the district, this legislation is not designed to ban nudity or restrict it to certain areas. Currently, California state law says that anyone who is offended by a nude person can make a citizen’s arrest, but the police have no recourse to arrest people parading around in the altogether unless they are aroused or otherwise disruptive.

Some residents don’t think the new legislature will do much to change things–people will still be naked– and others complain that the nudity has gotten out of hand and should be outlawed altogether since the district is near schools and the population of children. Well, the area has been home to nudists for years, if not decades, according to an aritcle in the Bay Area Reporter. 

Under this new legislation, if found not covering a public seat or entering an eatery with “stuff” exposed fines and punishments will be alloted accordingly: 1st offense: $100; 2nd offense (within a year):  $200 and 3rd offense (within a year): $1,000 and possibly a year in county jail.

Okay, on to the weather. To show you I don’t make this stuff up, take a look at these two pictures and tell me if we have reason to think we have a literal black cloud over our heads.



And then, on a serious note, this picture is one of three sent by friends of ours at camp who we saw this past weekend and who are staying through the week to close up their site for the season. The other two were pictures of rising existing bodies of water which would really not tell you much unless you knew them first hand. This picture is looking at the road that leads from the front gate into camp to the little bridge that goes over the overflowing stream (which was also one of their pictures) and beyond that is a cross road.  The little speck of something red and shiny by the bridge is probably a leftover streamer or something from the Mardi Gras party. As you can see it’s all under water. It’s been raining up there since we left on Monday and in a response to Shane’s email, I joked that I was sorry, that I thought we had packed up all the rain with us when we left. That area down there is called The Village and we have several friends who have perm sites there as well and last night I saw a post that the water sounded like Niagara Falls and the state of the Village was in question.  And on the Weather Channel, I saw a storm was stalled over the Susquehanna area last night, which is where camp is. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to everyone there.  


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