All My Eggs…

Well, only four of them. I finally got around to testing out the Eggies we bought from TV and I have my review of them. My only regret was that I didn’t do a complete time test on my four Eggie hard boiled eggs (washing them out before their first use not included).

As you may recall from a previous blog or from seeing the commercial on TV they state “the non-stick interior means the egg slides right out…” Yes, well you have to make the interior non-stick with either cooking spray or oil, first applied to a paper towel and then wiped across the interior of your Eggie vessel. The vessel is comprised of four parts; the bottom compartment where the egg sits, the top, a collar that holds those two pieces together and a cap to close off the top that also serves as a handle.

Depending on the size of the egg-I was using large–you shouldn’t crack the egg into the open bottom compartment without the top being collared on. Yes, the wider open bottom is easier to direct the raw egg into the vessel, but it was just this close to spilling over. And if you’re using anything larger you’d be wise, while being careful, to try to dump your egg into the smaller top opening which is about 1/8″ wider than a quarter all around. So, that’s nerve-wracking.

Then you float your filled Eggies in a pot of warm water (to start) and cooking timing begins AFTER the water boils. The size of the egg determines the boil time. Mine had to go for between 15 and 17 minutes (as much as 19 for an extra-large egg) so I actually chose 16. It’s not like you can check mid-way to see if they’re done.

You’re supposed to let them cool before you take the cooked eggs but I was eager to see how they turned out and I was poised with a tool to help pry them out if needed, as according to the instructions…stick-free indeed!

The end result was the eggs cooked through but I was left with 16 pieces of egg-soiled plastic which thankfully are dishwasher safe, but they were  anchored down with my knives and forks in the silverware basket so they didn’t go flying around.

My final analysis: they ARE a fun novelty, I’ll give you that, but they are time consuming to use and then you’ve got 4 pieces to clean for every egg. Plus, if you don’t get that collar twisted on tight enough, you get some egg white escaping into the water, which I had.

My stepmother always says, the older it is, the easier a hard-boiled egg is to peel. So, I think the moral of the story is to always have a supply of eggs on hand. Or you can prepare a week in advance if you know you’re going to have to hard boil some hen fruit and keep them in the fridge, or if you want to use your Eggies, make a game out of it and enlist the entire family and make an assembly-line production out of it, or create a challenge and see who can prepare their eggs fastest. The loser has to clean all the parts.



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