We Don’t Need No Stinking Rules

Not six days ago, after much debate, it was reported that nine-time Olympic gold medalist, Carl Lewis’ name was not to be included on the ballot for the New Jersey State Senate election because of the law which states that a candidate for such office must be a resident of the state for four years. This ensures the candidate knows the local issues and the people can become familiar with the candidate.  U.S. District Court Judge Noel Hillman refused to overturn the decision of Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno, who decided the olympian, who voted in California as recently as 2009, did not meet the state’s four-year residency requirement. Of Lewis, Hillman said, “The plaintiff is a man of great and inspiring achievement, justifiably held in high regard and possessed of promise for the future” and of his candidacy he stated, “residency requirements applies to all, regardless of economic status, race, creed, color, age, gender and political affiliation.

Then yesterday, in a 2-to-1 ruling, a panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia, Carl Lewis was put back on the ballot in less than a five hour deliberation, splitting hairs on when Lewis became a NJ resident, which they didn’t even consider to be the heart of the case, but rather that “the state has failed to demonstrate a compelling state interest” for leaving him off the ballot. And as far as residency requirements, and the aforementioned familiarization with local issues and the voters knowing the candidate that none of that would be a problem for Mr. Lewis as he grew up in New Jersey.

Yeah, well, I used to be able to drive a car without a seat belt and I used to be able to smoke in bars. But I am among the little people who must abide by what the big people say. Land of the free and all that. Not sure if it fits in this particular instance, but a friend of mine sent me this quote in an email recently: The reason politicians try so hard to get re-elected is that they would hate to have to make a living under the laws they’ve passed.

Okay, switching gears real quick, we’ve been on a Broadway diet for some time, since all the work on the house, and we are about to binge. Starting tonight, well, it’s not really Broadway, it’s more like a sort of a concert, we’re going to see Erasure in the city. In a couple of weeks, friends of ours, one of whom is a huge Broadway fanatic, are coming down from Canada and the four of us are going to see Book Of Mormon. I think we got front row, or close to it, but if you don’t ask me how we scored those tickets, I won’t have to lie. And then in October, we’re going to see, thanks to the flyer we got in the mail just the other day, Other Desert Cities. No other reason than because of the cast which includes Rachel Griffiths, Stacey Keach, Judith Light and Stockard Channing. Light and Channing….OUCH!  What better way to cap our brief foray back into the Broadway orgy?


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