A Tale Of Two Spiders

There were a couple of things I had to leave out from our trip into the city and I probably could have done an entire blog on the changing world we live, technologically speaking, but I crammed it in there anyway.

And one of the other things that I could have talked about was how we got approached by a foursome of overly-tight jean-clad girls, (one in something spandex-y) each bending over and checking each other out and giggling the way girls do. As we approached them, they approached us and asked us who among them had the larger butt. Really? How does one answer such a question? And correctly without getting clobbered? So, diplomatically, we changed the topic while we walked with them to the entrance of the parking garage where the truck was and when I said to the one who paired off with me during our stroll that this was our stop and she got kind of insulted that we were “dumping” them. I assured her that wasn’t the case and in an attempt to bring our conversation full circle, I turned, raised the tail of my shirt slightly and suggested they tell us, who, between Ariel and me, who had the bigger butt. No one, not even Ariel, thought it amusing.

So, the spider thing, and you know how squeamish…alright, downright scared…I am about spiders.  As I said, we were at Hudson Eatery, relaxing, chowing down on our appetizers, admiring the decor and wondering what material the copper ledge my elbow was resting on was made of.  Seems silly to speculate, but I actually think it was Formica. It was at one point, when I looked out the window, I noticed it, a spider, on it’s back, (I never…) frantically flailing its legs trying to right itself. As if I had retro boosters, I flung myself to the outer end of the booth, taking my plate with me while Ariel annihilated the critter. It took a while, I but went back to my spot.

Then last night, I was settling in with Project Runway and a glass of milk with some chocolate chip cookies and as I sat back in my recliner, what did I see?  A spider sliding down a web from the shade on the table lamp next to me. And guess where I went? Well, I actually grabbed a tissue in an attempt to get it, but Ariel shot to my rescue and obliterated the monster.

You know how they say things come in threes? Rest assured, I’m on the lookout!


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