A “Perry” Busy Weekend

Sunday night, donned in shirt, vest, tie and kilts, we went to the Perry Awards. Well, we had to wear ties, it was a formal affair, after all. And because it was a masquerade, we broke out our best masks, which garnered us several compliments, requests for pictures from perfect strangers and a photo shoot on the red carpet. Well, the red rug, really. And the picture on the red rug is from NJ ACT’s Perry Awards Facebook page which was uploaded last night.

We were there to cheer on Kelly Kline, who was nominated for Outstanding Youth Actress in a Musical. She is my friend Janet’s daughter and Janet and I have been friends since we were kids.

The ceremony had the air of running late and we thought after Kelly’s category was announced we’d skip out. Oh, that would have looked great, two men in kilts skipping through a hotel lobby, but we didn’t. Skip, that is! But we waited to go during intermission which came after her category and a performance from Annie by a second theater group. Unfortunately, Kelly did not win the award, and we are just as happy and proud that she was nominated. Keep up the great work Kelly!


Otherwise, over the weekend,  besides blanching  and freezing more squash and tomatoes, we kept busy with a new toy, a can of paint and a paint brush and roller. The new toy is a powerwasher and it was miraculous, if not embarrassing, the way it cleaned the front stoop and walk and the curbing along the driveway. And, it’s incredible what else that little machine and a fresh coat of paint could do for:



Now, all we need is to completely refurbish it, get some electric and water to it and we’ll finally be in business. I think after batting around several ideas of what we could do with it, we’ve decided to leave it like this, as opposed to a slate mountain waterfall or other such configuration. So, who knows? By this time next year, Lucky 13, or maybe sometime in between, we could finally have the fountain operational.


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One Response to “A “Perry” Busy Weekend”

  1. Rita Says:

    You guys look fantastic & the mask’s of course made it look fabulous . Definitely red carpet material. Your hard work definitely paid off with the fountain. I wouldn’t change it because it gives the house so much character & I can only imagine up and running would be really nice too.

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